Have you chosen salvation by scapegoat? Is that Moral?


I don’t know how to measure, especially objectively, my “good” time vs. my “bad” time. I agree, I’d rather have a world full of what man calls “good” people than a world full of what man calls “bad” people. Unfortunately, the standard of good and bad is not any man compared to any man, by that standard, I’m “good”. The standard us any man compared to Christ. By that standard I’m pretty vile. Good thing I’ve received his forgiveness it I’d be toast.


And if I didn’t endorse it, it would still be true. What would you like me to do about it?
I accept it’s reality and act accordingly.


Night all…


Nah we get it. You endorse eternal torture of non believers. Pretty sad.


Stand up for what is right and just. Like we do with ISIS


If all sin, then God obviously made us to default to sin.

If all fall short of the goals set, then obviously the bar of excellence is too high.

You have God planning to send us all to hell, except that he sent Jesus to ask you to do the immoral thing of using a scapegoat instead of you stepping up to your responsibilities which scriptures say are yours alone.

Let’s have a look at your morals.

Do you agree that having another innocent person suffer for the wrongs you have done, — so that you might escape responsibility for having done them, — is immoral? Do you agree that to abdicate personal responsibility or use a scapegoat is immoral?

If not, please show how it is morally and legally good to punish the innocent instead of the guilty, bearing in mind that all legal systems think that punishing the guilty is what is justice.




So now you equate the tooth fairy to the church.

I agree that both are all fiction.



C’mon, no she doesn’t. She shares her beliefs and tries to get people to think.

Her version of Hell is nothing like OptTrader’s

And there’s no point in getting mad at OptTrader. Just think what a miserable world he lives in, where people deserve to go to hell for absolutely inconsequential reasons.


Why do you keep typing, 'Regards, DL."

You’re not supposed to sign your posts here. And what does “Regards” in this context mean, anyway?

Is this LBO?


Yeah! Written or spoken words don’t influence anyone!


Didn’t God Oman’s the slaughter of man, woman and child?

If someone today heard God commanding them to kill, why wouldn’t you believe them?


Yes she does. She shares her beliefs in the context of how wrong others are. I’m not saying theres anything wrong with it. I’m just saying dont act like you’re any different than atheists here. When others do it, its “wailing” and “twisting” for ulterior motive. But when Christians debate, its “sharing”. And since optrader is a Christian, she chose to say bad things about atheists in her post, rather than standing up for atheists not wanting to be treated as trash to burn.


It is not only healthy to live in the present, it is vital that we do so. According to Christ, it in the present that we can build everlasting treasure in heaven. It is here in the present where we can shoulder an easier yoke and live a more fulfilling life. What we want, what we work for in the here and now, is our path to the future. I do not believe this is an “Abracadabra” sort of life where we chant, “Jesus saves” and we magically transport to heaven. Jesus was passionate about teaching us how to live this life. We follow The Way and our stumbles (sins) are forgiven the moment we stand up and continue on trying harder.


Again, it is Christ himself who said we are the salt of the earth. If we think of ourselves (or others) as vile, is that seeing ourselves as God sees us? Does it give us the confidence to step forward and be the salt of the earth? All God asks of us is to become the best version of ourselves we can; that He and His word and His spirit are here in our midst, to lend a hand, grace, and encouragement.


I’ll choose to believe when I die and stand in judgment.


You stand up to God and let me know how that works out for you.




No. God gave us free will. What we do with it is our choice. We have laws in our society, who makes or prevents you from keeping them?

Yes, I agree. It is totally wrong to make someone else pay for the wrongs I have done. Except, (and for the third or fourth time) I’M NOT MAKING ANYONE DO ANYTHING!!! Jesus CHOSE to die for us! What part of that is too hard for you to understand?


Do you defend ISIS if they behead someone for CHOOSING to not be Muslim?


My posts have influenced God to create Hell and cast unbelievers in?? Holy Cow! And here I am middle aged and living in obscurity instead of using my powers for my own gain. Wish you had told me this 35 years ago…

Maybe it’s not too late…

(Notice I used all capital letters and lots of exclamation points for emphasis)

I’ll Grant you first access to my throne room to kneel…

Not one single surrender?? Seven billion people, and not even one? :sob::sob::sob::sob: