Have you chosen salvation by scapegoat? Is that Moral?


You two can’t be that obtuse, and yet you are…

In what way does my warning interfere with anyone? I’m typing words in a forum. I have absolutely zero control over what you do or believe. It’s difficult to discuss Christianity with someone who not only isn’t a Christian, but knows nothing about the Bible.

Here’s the thing- the Bible is for Christians, not unbelievers. I’ll ask you what I asked IRYW: since you are an atheist, what do you care what Christians believe?


You come in and denegrate us as not worthy of peaceful existence, say we are worth torturing for eternity, then have the nerve to type this?


What does God care that we dont believe? So much that he wants us tortured forever?


No, I was making a point about “supernatural stupid” thinking and the harm it has done. MAN has caused the problem because they refuse to believe what is plainly clear.

Yes, lost people are lost. God revealed Himself and His plan for redemption to the Jews first. It was their job to take it to the world, instead they rejected Christ and would have left the world in darkness. That’s why The Gospel message was given over to the gentiles.


So, yes, you believe all the Jews who died in the holocaust deserve to be tortured in hell forever? That’s disgusting. Incredible.


It’s not plainly clear that jesus was the son of God


Man makes a distinction between sins. God says (again) “The wages of sin is death.” There is no qualification of sin given. He also says “. For ALL have sinned and fall short…”

You do fall into the category of ALL…


Christians do have different views, based on what is in the Bible. It is much easier to have discussions with people of faith.

The majority of Christianity (Catholic and Orthodox) do not teach that non-believers of Christ are condemned to hell. You would probably advise me that the atheists in my family are either already in hell or are condemned to that existence. What sense does it make for me to come on these boards, figuratively tear out my hair, and wail that because of your beliefs I cannot believe in such an awful God?

When I testify about a loving God, atheists here are ever ready to twist a Biblical story into nonsense of their own making so that they still feel justified in not believing in God.


What an absolutely disgusting worldview. I could save 1000s of lives, give to the poor, and your God would treat me as a murderer, eternally torture me. for not believing jesus was God. Absolutely disgusting. ISIS level


You spend 90% of your time here preaching how wrong everyone is. What’s your point. At least stand up to barbarian beliefs that treat non believers as scum…to be tortured.


My point was that a non existent being can not induce anyone to do anything… If I commit murder in the name of the tooth fairy would you blame her? Try bringing charges. See how ridiculous that is?


What’s ridiculous is believing in a tooth fairy that tortures a jew for not believing in her. That’s the point


Which means the wages of virtue, love, and goodness is life. How much of the day do we spend in sin? How much of the day do we spend in goodness? Jesus notes what we do for the least, we do for him. We cannot dismiss the good that people do.


Is your existence not peaceful? Mine is.
How have I denigrated you? You accused me of threatening people and asked others to call me out for it. No one has, but if anyone else is actually threatened by my posts I’d welcome their input. I have explained pretty clearly to you the difference between a warning, which is in the Bible, and a threat. You have refused to acknowledge that difference. Hence my label of obtuse. If that’s too offensive, I withdraw it.

Seriously; how do you go through life dealing with tangible people? I’m a guy on the other end of a computer forum and it’s unlikely we will ever run across each other or have any interaction outside this forum. I come to the RELIGION forum and actually post something about RELIGION ( the horror!!) apparently I’ve traumatized you. I apologize. I would think a guy with an in your face signature like IMRIGHTYOURWRONG would be a little more thick skinned and be amenable to discussions with people with different beliefs. Apparently not.

Have I said I’ve missed Koushi?


You are endorsing a belief that says I and others should be tortured for eternity


It is not clear to whom?

Lost people.


Endorsing eternal torment and torture for non believers is incredibly serious. Would you be cool with a Muslim coming in here and calling for Christian’s to be tortured, or endorsing calls for torture, simply for not being Muslim?


I’m not the one worshipping a torturer


I love how people think they can just waltz around and treat non believers like trash to be thrown into a burn pit, then play the victim card


We’ve had discussions along these lines before Meri. Man is more concerned with their decades on Earth than their eternity. No matter how wonderful or miserable a person’s mortal life is, everyone dies and faces eternity. A life of love that ends in Hell is as tragic as a life of evil that leads to Hell. Because Jesus loves us, He died for us. His shed blood paid the sin debt we owe, but we have to choose whether we accept him as our sacrifice. His love compelled him to the cross, but that alone doesn’t bestow salvation on everyone.