Have you chosen salvation by scapegoat? Is that Moral?


Strange, given that about 75% of Christians do.

Those who do not tend to replace the word hell with death, which is the same as hell but without the purposeless torture.

Regardless of that, it still shows a God who would kill instead of cure those he thought defective and that is still a vile and immoral God.



It amazes me that it’s the people who claim to be atheists are the ones who are most offended by what Christians believe about Christianity.

I haven’t been here long enough to know if and when your pulling my leg. I’m going to assume you are…

Dang, I’ve missed Koushi… you are a poor substitute. (No offense)


You’re damn right I find people telling me I’m going to be tormented and tortured for eternity offensive and disgusting.


It amazes me how little christians seem to care that good people are being eternal tortured by their God, simply for not believing in a 2000 year old bronze age myth


You said it was your duty as a Christian to “warn” people about hell. You don’t think of that as “interfering?”

Heaven or Hell are choices WE EACH AS INDIVIDUALS MAKE!!!

No it’s not. It’s a choice God makes for us.

I can’t remember where you posted it, but somewhere you said it was your duty as a Christian to “warn” people about hell. That isn’t actually true, is it? What you’re actually supposed to do is tell people about Christ and get them to become Christians.

And you’ve stated that the way you go about it turns people off rather than on…so again…you really need to look to yourself. You’re currently confident that you’re going to get in to heaven even though you’re a sinner (though if you’re telling the truth, you’ve done nothing remotely worth going to hell for and the fact that you think you deserve it makes me feel very sad for you) but because you’re turning people away from God, you are committing what God considers an unforgivable sin.

And that’s what you’ll be going to hell for.

(If hell existed, which it doesn’t . Just want to be clear on that. ;)b)


He’s not.
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Why did youd dodge? I said:

No. God chooses to send us there. If I torture my child because she doesnt believe in santa that’s not her “choice”


Nice work above.

Most Christians who believe in hell do not seem to care that the bible says that the vast majority end there, which would include the friends and families of those good Christians.

I think I would go insane in heaven but those “good” Christians do not seem to have a hard time thinking they could watch that torture for thousands of years without any problem at all.

You said something above that reminded me that cowards can never be moral.



Exactly. People who truly feel God’s love, feel God’s love for others, and that is not His will that any be lost. That was one of Jesus’ greatest teachings–that he came for the lost, that he leaves the ninety-nine to go in search of the one.


Ya but they’re going to heaven and they dont get the hell tour…so meh. Who cares they got theirs. Let their brothers and sisters suffer in torment and torture forever. “Morality”


To an infinite entity, any drama would be seen as R. & R.

Eternity is quite boring and Jesus was having tons of fun.



Just imagine all those billions of Jews, muslims, Hindus, buddhists…screaming. crying in pain. Burning fir eternity. Feel the love. Feel the morality. Holocaust wasnt enough. They must burn forever too I guess. Right next to the nazis. “Morality”


If someone kills another person in the name of a god, is the blame on the murderer or the god? If the god isn’t real, or you at least believe the god isn’t real, who do you blame for the murder? Since the God of Christianity forbids Christians from murder and commands them to love even their enemies, any “harm” you attribute to them is entirely of man. Granted, much evil has been done by man and to man in God’s name. I submit that people who do such evil are either NOT really Christians or truly deceived. Either way, I get why God has gotten such a bad rap throughout history. That’s why he commands us to study for ourselves. We will have no excuse.


You were never talking about murder. You were talking about US. Simple non believers. Dont be moving goal posts. How about this question: are all the Jews that died in holocaust damned to eternal hell and torture?


They are just showing their uncorrupted by supernaturalstupid beliefs and showing that an uncorrupted belief is more moral than a corrupted Christian belief.

That is why you would never advocate that the law of the land be your God’s.

Your morals are corrupted but you are not quite that stupid that you would advocate for your God’s laws.



We are as bad as murderers?


They know deep down that eternal punishment for non belief us immoral and disgusting. It’s pretty much ISIS like


Of course we care, that’s why I’m telling you now while you still have time to do something about it. After you’re dead, there’s not a single thing to be done.


When the church sent the inquisitor to murder and burn, I think the victims would have blamed both.

Would you just condemn the hit man wile letting the don off the hook?

I would condemn them both.



You dont care. Otherwise you wouldnt be worshipping such an immoral sociopath