Have you chosen salvation by scapegoat? Is that Moral?


Or maybe we are just complex biological creatures with different histories and theres no voodoo magic God thinking about us and making grand plans.


Hopertottle was a God in a human body in 800 BC that sawed off his 2 legs as a sacrifice to lord goopershmidt. Two women drank the blood and hopertottle was magically healed only to vanish into thin air. Down from the mountains God spoke that all were redeemed and that upon death we will be transported to a far away planet with trees the size of skyscrapers and oceans as blue as the sky. But only if we refrain from eating meat, and only if we praise lord gooperschmidt 3 times a day. 40,000 years ago he gave us a chance to avoid earth by landing his space ship here. A few of us made the CHOICE not to get on the ship. Its OUR fault.


:thinking::thinking: maybe you’re not smarter and wiser than a 3 year old…

“The foolish man has said in his heart, there is no God.”

In any case, it doesn’t matter to me what you believe. The Op was about salvation by scapegoat and making another futile attempt to mock Christians and use our beliefs against us, without any understanding of Christ, Christians or the Bible himself. I shouldn’t take the bait, but dog gone it, sometimes I just can’t resist.


Funny. You say I’m the 3 year old then say your being “mocked”. All after you posted this pretty much classifying non believers as people who should burn in hell forever. Take a look in the mirror.

That’s a pretty hateful viewpoint and you will get called out on it. Dont judge us and preach to us like we are dogs and maybe we wont mock your 2000 year old myths, that make such little sense that you have to use “analogies”.

It’s hilarious that Christians are happy to oblige in eternal torment of others, while asserting their own “morality” and “all loving God”. Theres nothing righteous about that. And it’s nothing to be proud of to worship a God that eternally punishes people for not believing silly myths.


I get it. You can call people “fools”. Maybe you’re a fool for believing in a 2000 year old myth? Or are only Christians allowed to call others fools?


Most christians here dont believe in hell.


No, I didn’t write the scriptures. I have nothing to do with what is written. I have nothing to do with people going to Hell, I don’t oblige or take pleasure in the thought if others going to Hell. I also will be the first to admit my guilt before God, on my absolute best day I’m as wicked a sinner as anyone you feel I’m singling out. I know I deserve to go to Hell. No false modesty or self deprecation, I just understand my sins and the holiness of God. I believe His word to be true and I will tell anyone the truth of that word. Heaven and Hell are as real as it gets and the unsaved will spend eternity in Hell and the sad thing is it will be because of their foolish pride. People don’t want to believe in the second death and will mock, ridicule and even hate those who proclaim it.

I’ve come to realize there really is no polite way to share this truth and one of my shortcomings is difficulty in turning the other cheek. Mock Christ and Christians and I’m likely to mock back. Been working on that for quite awhile…

Here’s another simple truth: The Bible was written for believers and until a person receives the Holy Spirit, they are not equipped to understand the spiritual truths of the Bible. Christianity has become so watered down with the world and political correctness that most Christians have become useless to the cause of Christ, they reject the Bible almost as much as the lost. No surprise many don’t believe in Hell, they’ve accepted Lucifer’s lie too- no penalty for sin, live and believe as you please. As I said, I don’t care what you believe, I’m just setting the record straight…


Why do you deserve to go to Hell?

Are you a murderer? A rapist? Do you steal from the poor and then kick the when they’re down? Beat up people weaker than you? What?


Sounds here like you’re certainly enjoying the prospect of sinners writhing in hell… a sure sign that you’ll be with us.


The choice is not ours. God is supposed to be a God of love but if people are unable to love him he condemns them to hell. That’s not a choice



Theres nothing more sociopathic and unloving than an eternal hell. And you endorse it. I consider those who believe in Hell and those who worship “Gods” that employ it, to be among the least moral and least courageous individuals on this planet. It’s a disgusting viewpoint and anyone who asserts that someone should be cast to eternal torment for not believing in 2000 year old mythology should be absolutely ashamed of themselves.

YOU are endorsing TORTURE. If hell was on Earth, you’d be right up there with ISIS - torture for non belief.


And of course you say all of this with no evidence. You might as well be a Muslim threatening to torture us if we dont convert to Islam. Congratulations.


Seriously, if an Muslim came in here and started threatening everybody they’d be banned. But, a “Christian” can threaten people with eternal torment and, well it’s just “religion”. Bizzare double standard of our society. I guess when you delegate torture to God in the afterlife, its convenient to not accept responsibility for your words here.


Christianity cannot be watered down, any more than a math book can be watered down. So much of what happens in the Christian life is internal, which is why judging others (even at the group level) can be so confusing. We can also do ourselves and others a disservice by comparing who and what we are to what we think others are.

Some basic teachings of Christ: Discern the will of God and follow it with all that is within you. Love one another. Follow me. Turn from sin and you will be forgiven.


I deserve Hell because I’m a sinner. No, I’m not a murderer or rapist, I’m your basic middle class law abiding guy. Nothing out of the ordinary. I believe there are levels or degrees of Hell just as there are rewards to gain or lose in Heaven. The only difference between me and the Hell bound is that I have accepted Jesus as my savior. He paid the debt I owe.

Again, I don’t enjoy the prospect of ANYONE going to Hell. On Earth, I believe people should be held accountable for their crimes and some crimes merit the death penalty. Our fallen society has the right to defend itself and put away or put to death certain people for their crimes. I have little sympathy for such people. That is different than taking satisfaction at people in Hell. Condemned criminals do have the opportunity to repent, ask forgiveness of Jesus and still gain the kingdom, but if they harden their hearts and remain in their sin at death, then their sin and penalty is on them. This is a forum, not a pulpit. My style here is different here than anywhere else. I get to use sarcasm ( because I find it humourous, whether giving or receiving) and mockery, especially to those who dish it up. As I said, it’s one if my short comings…

I’m not at all politically correct. I will proclaim the truth as I believe and understand it to anyone, though I’m under no illusion my posts here are going to change anyone’s belief. Another reason I pull no punches here. This is not a place for thin skinned people, Christians or not.


The evidence of God is all around us. You choose to ignore it. Every evil you could point to is a product of Satan. Unfortunately, throughout history his evil has been carried out by false and deceived Christians. Hypocrisy has probably done more damage to Christianity than anything else.


I’m threatening no one. There is a difference between threatening and warning. If I warned you against going somewhere controlled by Muslim extremists is it my fault my words and warning are true? If you then ignore my warning the result is on you… Christians are commanded to warn. I get you don’t appreciate my method.


Please. Share it.


What sins do you commit that are worthy of hell? You deserve hell but think you’ll get the top layer where it’s only slightly warm because all you do is look at woman appreciatively or sometimes covet your neighbor’s car?


That’s a funny play on words. You’re “warning” people about eternal torture if they dont believe what you believe. Of course “you” arent threatening, because conveniently you arent the one who will be torturing people. Yet, you oblige in others doing it for you. If God asked you to torture someone for eternity, simply for not believing, would you feel good about it? Disgusting.