God and the Devil


Atheists killed way more Christians, than Christians burned witches… They kind of made Christians their witches. See socialism the first half of the 20th century.


One the biggest steps in turning Europe into the science leader of earth was the university system put in place by Catholic kings. Another big step toward rationalism was the protestant revolution.


No that’s not the point. Not all faith is equal. It’s still based on evidence and rational thinking. Just because science doesnt have the answer to everything doesnt mean that its reasonable to have faith that Zeus is bigfoot and lives on an undiscovered planet X, just because 4 words in an ancient text can be spun around.


You completely miss the point. The point was that throwing your arms in the air and saying goddidit explains nothing and only inhibits our search for understanding reality. Its defeatist.


Christian’s are atheists to the 1000 other religions and gods they dont believe.


I keep ending up in the politics forum.

That’s a spirited group!

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I guess the Devil kicked God’s ass and started those fires in California.


Another shooting in Alabama.

Thought and prayers.

I wonder why God didn’t turn the gun into a banana or something?


Wouldn’t you think God would have defended this guy against the Devil’s last bastion on earth?


God as magician? Is it the atheist position that if there should be a God, His purpose is to entertain?

For people of faith, the purpose of religion is to teach proper behavior towards God, each other, and even towards the planet on which we live. I am not sure how turning guns into bananas will accomplish this.


Well, he poofed an entire Universe out of nothing in 6 days. He parted an entire ocean. He fed 5,000 people with five loaves of bread and two fish. Why not turn a gun into a banana? It would have saved people from being hurt.

OK since, for some reason, He doesn’t want to do anything that would definitively prove His existence, He could have done something less obvious like cause the gun to jam.


He wiped out most of the earth’s population so apparently he very well could.


Ah, you take the Modern English version of the Bible literally. Why?


Why do you take the Modern English Biblical accounts literally? What does it do for you?


Because there is not a clear method of distinguishing literal from not. If i cannot take the bible literally without clear instructions then the religion does not make much sense to me.


[quote=“Bomberfox, post:816, topic:12750, full:true”]
If i cannot take the bible literally without clear instructions then the religion does not make much sense to me. [/quote]
Then it appears we are in agreement–that the Bible should not be taken literally. It was not the intent of the original authors; it was not even the intent of the Hebrew language. What do you feel religion should be about?


Religion should be about applying principles to our actions in the real world i suppose but since religion tells us things about the authors view of the real world, not taking it literally would take the religion into merely fiction which would make calling it a religion useless.


Are you of the mind that poetic license should be forbidden in the written word? Would that include satire, irony, and parody as well? Just the facts, nothing but the facts when it comes to all written words?


If a book claims to have the spoken word from a perfect being, it should give clear guidelines when there are facts being given


It does. It is not that difficult. If I told you it was raining cats and dogs, would you take me literally? Of course not! You know it cannot rain cats and dogs. Likewise, if something else is not true today (i.e., six day creation of a planet) then it was not true then. And, sure enough! We read the Hebrew and learn that ‘day’ (just like in English) can mean a very long time period. For example, “In the day of the Romans” does not mean the Roman existed for only 24 hours!