God and the Devil


So many assumptions. Lots of physicists are religious. There is no problem in studying the works of God. It brings you closer to him.

Have you looked into the double split experiment?


Of course I have. And I never claimed prominent physicists arent religious. I’m simply saying the bible saying “let there be light” most certainly wasnt referring to the big bang anymore than the holiday inn commercials refer to the sun


I made no assumptions. Genesis explains nothing


Sure, I could see one generation passing on information on how they dealt with the environment they lived in through genes. Both physical and mental information. Heck, human consciousness is only 20,000 year old, if you ask me, but our bodies are evolved over eons…


It would certainly be crazy if someone was able to isolate a genetic system that top used physical feedback loops as input parameters for genetic modification at inception. Nobel prize levelzz


The stars have light too. So does fire. You were separated from the darkness at birth or conception. You will return when you die… You make too many assumptions on what ethologists were thinking back then. You were not there.


You’re literally assuming that they were referring to the big bang. There is no evidence of them having advanced knowledge of physics. The big bang is a very complicated theory - its not “universe go boom”. However, there IS evidence that people 2000+ years ago and all the way back to the Egyptians heavily worshipped natural forces through mythologies that revolved around fertility and the sun.


This doesnt explain anything. It’s not anymore depth than a caveman saying fire buuuuurrnnn.


The big bang and writings like Genesis are explanations for the beginning of the our universe. It’s amazing how close they are…


Equating an ancient text “let there be light” - 4 words - to the big bang theory is incredibly disingenuous its laughable.


It’s not an explanation. It’s literally “goddidit”. And like you said we cant comprehend infinite right? So we cant comprehend God. Therefore you’re “explanation” is that you cant comprehend what created the universe. Makes no sense.


You haven’t explained anything either, besides your faith in the big bang theory. Which can’t explain the first micro seconds of the big bang. (which must have been more of a flash.}.


Yes, The universe is a paradox. By definition humans cannot understand a paradox.


The big bang explains a lot. It’s why it’s the leading theory. You seem to have a very narrow understanding of what the big bang is and the evidence for it. It certainly explains an infinite more than “goddidit”. Also, I dont worship the big bang and will happily move on from it if a new theory comes out as a better explanation.




We have religion… That was fun, thanks…


God of the gaps. Nice try. In other words you dont understand the world therefore “God”. That’s not an explanation. I’m glad there are scientists working to fill those gaps. Otherwise we’d still be burning witches, riding horses, and dying by the millions from polio.


Yep big bang.


No, the point is at one point all you have is faith, even if it’s in humans, who cannot explain existence…

And you forget that the great majority of our modern world was invented in the last two hundred years mostly people schooled by Christians, so the evidence shows at least the Christian religion does not stop scientific progress. In fact just the opposite.


One reason why we have come so far so fast is basing our knowledge on verifiable results rather than gut feelings.

Yes, people continue to believe in the supernatural without verifiable proof for some reason. Just because they do doesn’t make Apollo any more real than Jesus.