God and the Devil


If God isnt all powerful or all knowing that means there is an external force that exists which he didnt create. Namely, the force or rule set which limits his existence


You’re right with the whack o mole analogy these threads are all over the place


Hermes would say, it’s just that our finite mind can’t comprehend the infinite mind.

Kind of like an trying to do calculus.


Then why not just admit none of it makes sense rather than asserting things as true


How did the universe begin?


Big bang…


Yes, let there be light…


What exactly do you mean by universe? I dont think the universe has a beginning or end. I think time as we perceive it is a function of mnemonic structures of our brain. There isnt a linearity to it in the physical sense, with regards to fields which give rise to particles.


They weren’t thinking about the big bang when that was written. Western religion arose out of fertility religions which worshipped the sun and derived many of their mythologies through personifying natural forces which brought rain and sunshine for crops and agriculture - along with darkness which brought predators and the cold.

The notion of day and night is embedded in most species - and like Zeus and other historical personifications of natural forces - we built our relationship with them via stories and mythologies. Likewise, light and dark, is almost archetypal, embedded in our evolution, and with such primitive languages 2000+ years ago, we couldnt comprehend nature. So we made up stories or treated such forces as conscious beings.

This extends into our historical understandings of the seasons and astronomical events. The spring equinox where the sun/god brings rejuvenation. The winter solstice where the sun has ‘died’ and is at its lowest point, only to start rising again to bring new life.

And none of them had anything to do with our modern understanding of physics.


Kind of the pope of your own quantum mechanics religion. That’s cool… Perhaps all we perceive is a function of mnemonic structures of an older infinite brain… Elon Musk was going down that path lately…


It’s not a religion. I dont worship it. I dont assert it as truth. It’s just the best explanation we currently have including only the things we know exist.


A 2000+ year old book that says “let there be light” explains NOTHING. You’re just piggy backing off all the hard work of scientists trying to understand reality in a more verifiable why.


They weren’t thinking of how the universe began when that was written? Big assumption and one that smacks of the idea they we are so much smarter than people in the past.

Seems every few years physics finds another angel on the head of a pin… Physics is a model of the universe that makes accurate predictions. It still does not know what caused the big bang. ( which must have been more of a big flash with out air for sound.}

The double split experiment is a lot like magic…


I’ve always wondered if somehow our memories and how our brain stores those memories affects the chromosome pairings at inception. Like, maybe its not completely random and our bodies somehow transfer certain memories and instincts from life experiences into the chromosome pairings. It sort of brings a bit less of randomness to evolution/mutations.


So you have faith you are correct …


They weren’t thinking about the big bang or anything remotely resembling modern physics. They were referring to the sun and archetypal concepts of light and darkness.


They call those instincts.


But that’s the point. To experiment and develop a concrete language and explanation for the nature of reality. It’s not to assert some language/text in some book then refuse to deviate for 2000 years when better explanations, more thorough explanations, and better lingual constructs are created.


Yes that’s partly what I’m referring to but also physical traits. Like, say you were born with weak leg muscles, but you’re brain stored memories of those muscles struggling through life. So in some way it passed that information/memory through the chromosome to tweak the genetics to allocate more protein to those muscles in the offspring.


It could be some hidden genetic cataloguing we havent discovered