God and the Devil


Maybe people just didn’t pray hard enough for the hurricane to make an u-turn.


You are proposing he had a sixth sense that had him feeling an earthquake was on the way?


Or maybe he’s just a liar


His “intuition” didn’t stop him from landing there to begin with, so theres that. He got lucky, nothing more. Sometimes that happens…and sometimes, you are the ATC.



Captain Ricosetta Mafella of Batik Air revealed why his plane took off three minutes earlier than its scheduled flight time from Palu Airport.

THREE minutes



Yep. We are talking about 3 minutes. Not really that big if a deal.


But I thought God didnt intervene to save people. Free will. No wait, he intervened with the pilot. No wait.


Silly humans living next to earthquakes


I won’t go that far, but it does beg this question…

If he had the feeling that something like that was going to happen, why then did he not alert ATC when he got that feeling? And, again, why did he not divert the plane to a less dangerous landing place?

All of those things would lend some credence to the idea of a voice from God allowing him to save the people on the plane.

Still doesn’t explain why God let those who parished do so…


All it is, is cherry picking people who got lucky. It’s like sports. Its always God granting a miracle to the winning team. I’m sure the guy on a business trip that died in the earthquake would have appreciated Gods voice telling him to stay home with his family that day. But like most cults, all things good, praise the leader. Rationalize and forget about the bad.


What explanation do you have for God killing all those other people He could have saved?


There isn’t one. At least not a rational one that leaves intact that idea that God cares about us all.


This existence is the only one we know. Therefore, when someone we love leaves it, it is easy to believe we were preserved, whereas they were not. What if death is little more than moving from one country to another?

I had an experience once I can only describe as seeing death–it was astounding and I wanted very much to cross over. I was told to step back. I was thinking a future descendant must need me to live, but I was told I needed to live. All these years later, I still can’t imagine why–I’ve always lived a very normal day-to-day life. Very strange. Still, I don’t see those who died in the hurricane or the Tsunami as losing or as not being saved. They are in a great place. So are we. God works with us wherever we are.


Like I said…not a rational answer.

That said…I would still question why we all have to go through this pretense of life if you are correct? I mean, why would a caring God allow creations He loves dearly to put themselves in a place where He would be forced to then forsake them, considering that He created them the way they were in the first place?


I don’t consider this life a pretense. Nor do I see life or death as God forsaking us. Rather, He is with us no matter what course our life takes, or what choices we make.

Genesis tells us that mankind wanted to know/experience both good and evil. It appears God advised us against this–but also made it clear His redemption is close at hand. It seems to me we have a habit of confusing ourselves over issues that are quite simple. Begin with love and go on from there. Keep aiming for what is ideal. Keep in mind that good enough never is.


Isn’t it though? By your previous statement, leaving this world is not an end, but merely a journey to a better place. If that is the case, why bother with the trip through this world at all. Why not just create Heaven and let all the beings He created dwell there?


We might also consider life in the womb as a journey to a better place. Yet if we leave the womb too soon, we may be ill-equipped for life in this better place.

As far as why not just let all the beings dwell there: According to Genesis that was the original plan. However, mankind chose dwelling in a place that contained both good and evil; we wanted knowledge of both. God knew both good and evil…and we wanted to be like Him.


Um…point of order here…

Its a little specious to claim that that was the original plan, considering God knew what was going to end up happening, isn’t it?

Follow me here…God KNEW that the creations He was making were going to want to be more like Him, didn’t he? Of course He did…He knew each and every one of us from the beginning, or so we are told. If that was the case, then its a pretty big leap to then claim that He changed the entirety of the plan after the fact, since “after the fact” doesn’t happen for God…He knew it from the beginning.

That is where the biblical story kinda falls apart. If He knew it from the getgo, then it was His intent from the beginning. If He didn’t know it from the getgo, then the allegation that He is the alpha and the omega goes by the wayside, as does the rest of the story, as we are told the Bible is either all true or all false.


How do we know God knew what our choice would be before we even made it? We don’t. Some try to push that envelope too far, but scripture is clear that God knows His own plan. It says nothing about knowing ours. What we are sure of is that nothing we do, or choose, will cause God’s plan to fail.


Scripture most certainly tells us that God knows the “free will” decisions that we will make. That, however, does not change that we have the choice to make.

For instance…if you as a parent put a bowl of ice cream and a bowl of rocks in front of you child, its pretty much a foregone conclusion which choice is going to be made. I’m sure we can agree on that for all but the oddest of children…lol. That you know the choice your kid is going to make doesn’t make it any less a free will choice on thier part. That said, it also doesn’t mean that if you are the parent of one of those odd children who will attempt to eat a bowl of rocks, you aren’t culpable if that indeed happens, as you were probably aware your child might indeed make that choice.

The difference is that you aren’t God…we are told that He already knows the choice you are going to make. You are guessing (educated as it may be). He is not. I am by no means a biblical scholar, but I am quite able to find the information I need when I need it regarding the Bible…

“As for you, O king, while on your bed your thoughts turned to what would take place in the future; and He who reveals mysteries has made known to you what will take place,” (Dan. 2:29).

The above is Daniel speaking to Jesus in reference to none other than God himself. As an aside…if we take the whole story at face value, that had to be quite the trip to Jesus…but I digress. It tells us that God knows all that will take place, quite plainly.

Using your own words…we are part of Gods plan. Between the above verse, and your above statements, its pretty easy to understand that God knows exactly what each of us is going to do, because He ordained it to be from the beginning.

We can’t cause God’s plan to fail because He planned for each of us to do exactly what we end up doing. That WAS the plan.