Global warming is real


Still on the lookout for manbearpig I see


Yeah…I know. He should bow down to your “cough, cough”…obvious superiority on the subject.


So an appeal to authority is all you have?

He can make criticisms. So can I. The fact that you favor his statements over the mainstream view , I think, is simply a reflecting of the fact that he says what you want to believe.

It’s confiemation bias.


Yep…I’m not swayed by lies that are being told in an attempt for me to accept the idea of a carbon tax.


How do you know Mr. Michael’s isn’t lying?


But if not humankind tipping the balances through emissions then what is the explanation for the accepted climate change?


His comment was on an aside to Bill Brown. You chose to make an issue of it, not him.

So are you going to get back to the topic or not?


That’s unfortunately not true.

The more I try to discuss the topic, the more individuals on your side is the issue try to change the subject. Or just vanish after making unfounded allegations of fraud and lies.

If you want to speak on the topic, be my guest. No one’s stopping you. I’ll reply to the best of my ability.


So to counter other people who post off topic, you engage them in a vigorous debate about what they said. Interesting.


I said nothing of the sort. I’ll go where ever the conversation leads. I’ll reply to any post I find interesting. I don’t have as much of a strict adherence to maintaining the OP’s topic as you claim.

Although ironically it would seem you’re trying to shift the topic to my posting habits. Not that it’s the first time that’s ever happened.


I’m sorry, but could you speak in complete sentences? It’s hard to reply otherwise.


Is Global Warming Real?

It’s winter time, and it’s been Extremely Cold out lately, but why?
I thought that we were suppose to have hotter winters,
and colder summers. Were we not?

Where I’m from, normally the worst it gets in Winter is like 0 degrees on
a regular basis, and in a couple of days it’s suppose to be -20(that’s negative twenty
degrees!). Maybe if Global Warming was real, then Al Gore, and Bill Clinton would stop flying around in their private jets?


Tilt of earth.

Global warming is not dependent on the actions of politicians.


It’s going to be -20 here tomorrow night. Sunday it will be 50.


Thank God we’re living in the most stable period of warmth this planet has ever seen in the last 200,000 years.

Too bad our warm period is coming to an end.


That solves it, I am sure the worlds community of scientists just misssed that random textbook graphic.


And it clearly came out of some fundie textbook used in “Science” class. Note the use of religious references in the timeline to the left.


The old, “my religion is better than your religion” mantra. lol


Seriously, what science textbook would use the building of the walls of Jericho as part of their timeline?


Odd, now dem can ignore near record cold all over the US because they call it a “vortex”…

So, easily manipulated…