Global warming is real


In your own words:

Do you feel you have to support your own claims or is this just the standard you hold everyone else to?


The goalpost in this thread has been moonwalking.


Just today’s reminder that some posters have no problem making claims and refusing to back them up.

Or when they do back them up, they resort to the unsubstantiated statements of a guy who believes in the healing power of “cone technology”.


Some version of the same crazy people have been making the same nutty claims about the next climate catastrophe for my entire 59 year life…

The previous collection of the earth is going to freeze/melt/ozone hole/whatever were all frauds…manmade global climate warming cooking change whatever is no different.


Is there any chance in Hell that this thread will ever get back on topic?


I think we should all agree that Wildrose made a completely unsupported statement and has been furiously backpedaling when it turns out (unbeknownst to him I assume) his statement was based on the ravings of a madman.

And he calls my statements insane.



I like how Levin names off all those academic credentials and then says “so you know really know what you’re talking about” or something to that effect. Which is funny because all the other accomplished academics dont?


What he said is that there are many computer models that explain global warming but only one consistently gets it correct and that is the Russian model but it’s not being used. Instead, data is manipulated using other models because it’s promoting an agenda.


Right. He has all those academic credentials so he must be right. But at least he isnt a flat out denier




My credentials are amazing


…a legend in your own mind.


What makes him right? Seems like he just so happens to say what you want to hear.

In any event, he doesn’t actually say global warming isn’t real, just that it’s no big deal.


What makes him wrong? Seems like he just so happens to say what you don’t want to hear.

In any event, I believe global warming is real. What I don’t believe is that it’s all man made. I also think it’s bull feces to ship our manufacturing out of the US that had pollution guidelines over to China who doesn’t…and then bitch about pollution.


He’s clearly in the minority. He claims there’s a diminishing return aspect to increasing CO2, but the problem is that point of diminishing returns is far higher than he gives credit for. Second, he ignores feedback mechanisms which compound the effects of modest warming. Last, he ignores the cost of geopolitical instability as a result of warming.


He says the same thing and then says quite plainly why. He’s obviously an expert on the subject and distinctly points out the flaws in the conclusions of his peers.


And I pointed out the flaws in his position. What’s your point?


…his point.


His point is incorrect for the reasons I listed.