Global warming is real


You made the claim, it’s up to you to substantiate it.

You provided no evidence to support your claim.

The claim is fraudulent. It’s not just “unproven”, it’s completely made up.


The only person perpetuating a fraud or making things up here is yourself.

Now go bother someone else.


Why do you think you can get away with demanding facts and evidence from others while not doing the same for your claims?

You made a mistake, just admit it. It’s not that hard. This refusal to ever back down is getting ridiculous.


It’s pretty simple, if you’re going to claim something is false or fraudulent the burden of proof is on yourself.


Ah, finally. Surrender.


Why cant you just admit you wrong to post that link? Its freeing


I have a simple question for you Wildrose and I hope you’ll answer it for me. You claimed the site is 75,000 years old.

Do you feel you have any burden to provide any evidence (not even proof) for this whatsoever? Yes or no?


If you can cite where I attested to the accuracy of the date do so.

We both know you can’t but here’s your opportinity.


You made the claim that it’s 75,000 years old.

Do you feel any obligation to provide any evidence for that claim?

It’s a really simple question.


So again the answer is no.

Thanks for playing.


And now that @WildRose has been called out



You made the claim but someone everyone else has to prove it’s false.

Do you really think people don’t see what’s going on?

Also, I would be careful about protecting one’s credibility. Relying on someone like Michael Tellinger isn’t really a great way to maintain credibility.


I never attested to the accuracy of the date.

You claim it’s false so it’s up to you to prove your case, not me.


So are you now saying you have no idea how old the site is?

I’m not really sure what you mean by this statement. You definitely, clearly and repeatedly claimed it was 75,000 years old and to date there has been exactly zero substantiation of that.



To any certainty? Of course not but knowing the age of the other objects in the area at the same level it’s definitely one of the oldest man made structures that have been discovered.

It’s certainly quite ancient.


Call the University in Mpumalanga and ask. I’m not playing our stupid games.


There has been nothing produced to substantiate anything about its age.

There hasn’t even been anything produced to make anyone believe it’s a man-made structure and not just a field of boulders.


Believe it or not, I don’t care. What you do or don’t believe makes absolutely no difference in my life whatsoever.


Man made artifacts in the area have been dated back as far as 2.5 million years.