Global warming is real


Yep. But somehow it’s up to everyone else to disprove it.


You’re claiming it’s bs so show it to be, it’s simple.


Simple. The guy claiming it is a nutter. He believes nutter things. He makes a completely unsubstantiated claim and provides no evidence for it. There’s nothing to disprove because you can’t say anything about the methodology.

It is, on its face, completely ludicrous to take this seriously.

Answer me yes or no. A guy who believes the moon is a hologram says he dated a stone but doesn’t say how. Should I believe him?


The unsubstantiated claims are your own.

Show the dating to be inaccurate or the method to be invalid.

Another thousand posts of yours deflecting from the fact you cannot isn’t going to help your case any.

Rock decay is measurable, the decay of organic dies is measurable and it’s a perfectly valid way of dating objects found in the same vicinity.

You haven’t and you can’t show any differently and we both know it so save us all the bandwidth and wasted time and just admit it.


Except you haven’t proven anything other than to quote someone that you agree with.


The methods are valid, and none of you can show otherwise. Unless and until you can show a flaw in the method or the dating you’ve got nothing but hot air.


What methods are those?


I’m not going to repeat myself for you, scroll up.


How does mentioning a method prove anything? Where’s the proof the method was even conducted? Or that the method was conducted by someone expert in the method?


Show that it wasn’t, show that anyone has shown it to be false. Show that the results are invalid.

Just pick any one of those and make your case.


You can’t refute something that doesn’t exist. That’s the whole issue.


It exists, that’s already been established.

Now make your case if you can.


I have been to the site many times myself and conducted carbon dating of various surface features and relics in the area. These readings indicate the site itself is several hundreds of years old at most. Furthermore there is no noteworthy alignment with celestial objects.


Your completely ridiculous fabrication is noted.


Prove his assertion is fabricated.


Watching you two is becoming quite comical.


You’re the one quoting the work of a guy who thinks he disproved general relativity and expecting us to believe him.

Do you see the comedy in that? I don’t. It’s sad.


I haven’t quoted anything of his.

The nice thing about character is that eventually it always reveals itself.


The methodology others have developed to date things exists. No doubt.

No one has demonstrated it was ever used at this site.


Yes, you have. It was in your first link.

Today, researcher and authority on the subject, Michael Tellinger…

That’s how I found his name in the first place.

If it wasn’t him, who did the dating? Let’s have a name please.