Global warming is real


last week austin had its hottest juky temperature ever
london england was in the 90’s
the netherlands hit 100
japan had its hottest temerature on record (106)
year after year are now among the wamest ever

global warming is a fact

Is Global Warming Real?

Yep…but two problems going forward; is it a natural cycle and if not, charging a carbon tax does nothing but line the pockets of corrupt politicians.


For all the concern over stopping abortion we’ve aborted the planet.


Really because when the government here canceled carbon pricing all it did was remove the money and led to the cancellation of programs to improve school buildings and rebates for consumers and businesses buying things like electric cars or getting home improvements to make their homes less wasteful. And cancelling nearly completed wind farms.


Yeah. We know.
The question is… is it due to carbon dioxide?

I don’t think so, Professor.


The answer is yes, but that’s not the question (anymore) since there’s no political will to do anything meaningful about it. The next unaddressed question is how to adapt and respond to climate change. It requires more expensive answers than had the first question dealt with, but here we are.


But the polar bears… the polar bears!


Polars is going to be the last thing on people’s minds.


I’m not convinced fracking isn’t harmful and actually am very afraid for future generations due to this? Excluding that, our nation has cleansed itself very well and at a great deal of expense to everyone. Today we have much more fuel efficient vehicles that emit much less pollution and the price has more than doubled in the last 20 years. This is entirely political…just as the new fight to reduce the 57mpg CAFE requirement for 2025 is being discussed currently.


What was the high temp on the same date in Austin in the year 1500?

We haven’t even been able to record accurate temperatures on more than 10% of the land mass of this planet for more than 250 years so we have no idea what the actual highest temperatures have ever been anywhere on int.


If we take a look at the most widely know temperature graph of the earth . . .


It could be safe to say that even without man here on earth, we have a bit of warning to go before the Earth will naturally go into another glacial period.

Also notice between 400 and 600 thousand years ago have two warm periods about the same then the third goes higher. Fourth even higher than that. Fifth one drops down, then the six one (last warming period) goes much higher than two three and four.

So even without mans impact, this record shows we have rougly and 83% chance of temperatures warmer than the last period.


As if the temperature of Austin in 1500 or 400k years ago is super meaningful.


If you’re going to claim it’s the “hottest ever” yes, it helps to have a baseline that goes back to the preindustrial era if you wish to blame the problem on man’s contributions of CO2.


I think its a fair assumption that hottest ever implies observed records.

While there’s plenty of folks convincing themselves its not CO2, there’s less believing that the globe isn’t rising in temperature and its starting to dawn on them the real dangers that poses to civilization.


Yeah. That must be why it doesn’t even make it on the list of what people are worried about.


It’s a giant conspiracy with scientists just like the deep state going after trump. Everybody is out to destroy your lives!


Same here. Who would crush the solid foundation of their home and squirt weird chemicals into our pristine underground aquifers?

The price will be high, I’m afraid.


And most people don’t realize just how limited that temperature record is which of course is why the warmmongers get away with the scare tactics.

The greatest threat to civilization would be global cooling, not global warming. You can’t grow food on ice or under snow.


Watch them dive for their tangents.


Folks, we can just pretend this isn’t happening. Problem solved! No need to address this problem. We can just accelerate endlessly!