Fishy Suddenness Of Catastrophic Abortion Billi


E.g., “abortions will still happen in alleyways, therefore we shouldn’t make them illegal”.


Yeah, I kind of got the gist, but this really isn’t my thing. Although, that argument you presented seems weak. People will always do unpleasant things regardless of law prohibiting them. That they shouldn’t be laws because of that is a crap argument.


Omg , I didn’t know that. That’s inhumaine.


how much further past the 4th trimester will these wonderful choices by the mother and doctor continue?


There is no deadline, the only thing that separates death to birth is the birth canal border. Which despite the left hating borders they sure have a strong one at the birth canal, sentenced to death your brain being sucked out.


well thats an easy answer. The baby has some medical defect that is giving it trouble living with out machines. Like if the baby was brain dead or something…but you knew that


yeah…its not what you think, nor what he is trying to paint it as such


You linked an article about Iceland. Not Netherlands. Iceland is just a stepping stone toward getting to Netherlands, and the New York law accommodates that.


Here are some facts to consider. There are about 700,000 abortions per year in the US. The vast majority are first term. So how many are 24+ weeks? About 600. Most all for fetal abnormalities. This is from the CDC.


Most of them don’t care to know the facts.

They just want the feeling of moral superiority.


At least through puberty.


Who decides what defines this “quality of life”?

And since when is the medical establishment right 100% of the time?

I got an incorrect ultrasound result from a known teaching hospital in Boston saying my child had a heart defect associated with Down’s syndrome.

In fact she not only doesn’t have Down’s syndrome, she’s an honor student. Echogenic focus is sometimes incorrectly diagnosed and, even when present, may heal later in the child’s life.


Here’s more information on echogenic focus:

Is Downs Syndrome continued a “reduced quality of life”?

Microcephaly from zika?

What is reduced quality of life?

This amazing woman has been a quadriplegic since age 17, and, with the extensive family support, talent of her own, and friends she’s made along the way, I doubt anyone is arguing her quality of life is reduced. She herself is writing & speaking in radio about this “quality of life” movement as frightening.


No one is talking about Down’s Syndrome for this issue in this country.


What IS being discussed?

Got any examples?

And since when is any MD correct 100% of the time in their assessments?


Well, with what Northam spoke about was a nonviable fetus or one with severe abnormalities… implying abnormalities that would lead to death without extraordinary measures for the life of that child.

That is what is being discussed.

At least, that is the metric I am using for my opinion on this.


Some fatal abnormalities or significant developmental problems can’t be confirmed until later in a pregnancy. You are exactly correct. Doctors aren’t 100% certain about some things which is why women do not terminate their pregnancies earlier.


killing non perfect babies surely leads to utopia