Fishy Suddenness Of Catastrophic Abortion Billi


What I put out was an opinion. Maybe its wrong and maybe its not, but regardless it was not false informantion.


Not the same thing at all. Here we are talking about viable life.


Your opinion was wrong. No other elaboration needed.


Yes, sarcasm can be interpreted as a dumb comment by people who don’t recognize it. :roll_eyes:


In your opinion …


The onus is on you to prove your insinuation. Can you?


Nope. You started it when you refused to elaborate.


No we aren’t.

The vast vast vast majority of late term abortions are done with women who want to keep the baby but can’t.

Start with that fact and then instead of working backwards, work forwards to understanding that inserting the State into people’s tragedy just to feel better about oneself does no good.


The proposed abortion bill makes no distinction about the viability of the baby. The impetus is for the physical and mental heath of the mother.


That is a child’s response. You made the insinuation, I declared it wrong. Prove yourself or stop making false insinuations.


I insinuated nothing. I gave an opinion.


there are easy options to employ after rape to prevent the creation of life

we force people not to murder babies. how does passage through the birth canal change that?

the left paints the woman as the victim. but never the innocent child


and the ability to fit into their prom dress


The NY bill does. The VA bill doesn’t, but it requires it to be done in a hospital with all of the equipment present in case the fetus is viable.

Remember… In the VA bill this has to happen with a board certified doctor inside of a State certified hospital. Not some back alley.

I will agree with those that would say that the Vermont bill is bad because the language looks like it places no restrictions on late term abortions. That one I do not support.


Nope… you have the extreme position… not me.


it’s not extreme to protect human life

well, it shouldnt be

but you know democrats…


I understand. I wouldn’t want to try and defend that nonsense either.


Which was unsupported by any factual basis.


Yeah. Tell that to refugees.


Hilarious. Boy everyone loves a good trivialization of this matter.