Fishy Suddenness Of Catastrophic Abortion Billi


Abortion Billi can be found in your local seedy alley holding a coat hanger.


According to testimony by the bill sponsor, it not only permits abortion of a full term baby (I can’t even imagine how they would do that) but it allows non-resuscitation of a delivered baby that has not begun to breathe spontaneosly.


Yes, but then murder is an individual decision too.


We are talking full-term babies here, not fetuses. If a baby is born with not chance of survival it will die; no abortion required.

Perhaps they should take the wait and see approach and permit post partum abortions up to the age of 2 or 3.


On demand?


Apparently … all she has to do is convince someone that her mental health is in jeopardy.






It’s hardly as easy as you’re attempting to paint it.


Then elaborate.


Have you ever attempted to convince a physician of a malady you don’t have?


You claimed it was “apparently” no more difficult than convincing “someone” that her mental health was in jeopardy. You’re wrong.

That’s all the elaboration that’s needed.


just because the mother doesnt approve of the circumstances of how the human being was created doesnt give her the right to end said life


No, but than I am not inclined to do so.

But given the opiate epidemic, it would appear that there are plenty of physicians around who are relatively easy to manipulate with lies.


Just say you don’t know and quit spinning.


Just say you never did, and quit putting out false information.


Is taking a terminal case off of life support murder?


You see it is really dumb comments like the last one that shows me that zero thought is being put into this issue.


Nothing gives anyone the right to make a rape victim carry a child to term.

If she voluntarily does so, then Godspeed to her.

Forcing her to carry to term is the extreme position in this debate.


I’m pretty sure you were referring to a certain Planned Parenthood video. The makers of which have been charged with felonies. I figured since Republicans are big old money loving capitalists at heart, they’d be greatful for the opportunity to make a few extra bucks.