Finally, Officer Jason Van Dyke charged in June, trial begins next week


How is he projecting racism? Are you insinuating that he is racist himself?

Oh wait I forgot you don’t believe racism exists in the USA. So how can he project something that exist in the USA?


Find a single instance in which I have said racism does not exist in the US and post it.

Either that or admit you made it up again as usual.

How is he projecting racism? By projecting it into every single one of those cases where there’s zero evidence to support the claim.


One more of your “gem’s”.

If you’re black and running away, you can be shot in the back and have a taser planted beside your body to make it seem you attacked the officer.

Why is it you are leaving out the fact that the officer was convicted of his crimes in this case and will spend most if not the rest of his life in prison as a result?


Heres one reason why I think you don’t think it exist… from a previous thread and your discussion with me…

Here you mentioned that me believing that racism exists isn’t a societal issue but a personal issue.


In what way exactly is that saying racism doesn’t exist? Be specific.


Racism is a societal issue… you said it wasn’t. It seems pretty clear that by you saying it isn’t a societal issue… then you don’t believe racism exist.

Maybe you didn’t choose your words wisely, but you said what you said.


This was your claim.

Oh wait I forgot you don’t believe racism exists in the USA.

It was completely false. That personal chip you carry around on your shoulder and blaming of all the ills that befall blacks in this country is personal, it isn’t societal.

Racism exists in the hearts of men, always has, always will, that’s an individual issue, not a societal issue.

Institutional racism has been dead in this country since before you were even born and on the rare occasions it can be found the law crushes it.


You mean like the criminal justice system? Racism is dead there?


Also, you keep insinuating that racism is a belief. Racism is a fact, it does not just exist in ones heart.

Instead of seeking to understand my perspective as a minority… you try to dismiss racial issues as a made up thing.

What you are doing is exactly why Republicans will never have the majority of the African American vote. Pretending there isn’t a problem isn’t the solution. Being color blind is ignorant and a better way to get minority support is to understand their struggle.


You can’t demonstrate that it exists in the CJ system. You certainly can’t demonstrate it being a factor in any of these shootings despite what you keep claiming to the contrary.


All racial issues are a “made up thing”. No one is inferior or superior because of their race, it exists only in the hearts and minds of those people perpetuating and practicing it.

It’s laughable that you claim I’m not even trying to understand when just a few posts back you were telling me that since I’m “white” which isn’t even accurate I can’t understand.

What I do understand is that many of you use the cry of racism as an excuse for every bad thing that befalls anyone who isn’t white.

That chip so many of you carry around on your shoulders blinds you to every fact pertinent to any of the cases because you can’t see past race period as though it’s the only factor.

What I do understand is that blacks have succeeded in this country far beyond what they have in any other and that my generation did everything we could to ensure fairness and equity under the law to guarantee equal opportunity for all.

You have a level of wealth and privilege today in the US envied by 90% of the world but are so blind to all but made up racial issues you’ll never appreciate it.

I don’t care if republicans ever get a majority of black votes or the majority of any other race’s votes, I could care less what color you are when you walk into the polls or when I pass you on the street.

You will only be judged on one thing, how you present and handle yourself.


Yep. All racial problems have been solved. Thanks for your wisdom. Let me tell my black friends and family that, because we are better off today than we were in 1964… we should shut up. Let me tell them that because we are in Ethiopia and here in the US, we can shut up.

I’m so glad Nat Turner didn’t listen to white men when they said you will never amount to anything, I own you. I’m so glad MLK didn’t listen when white men told him to stop protesting and that his efforts aren’t going to work. I’m so glad that you can sit there and dismiss a social construct that WHITE people benefited from the most in America and day it’s over.

I know for a fact you don’t live around people who don’t look like you. Your post is a joke


Read that and tell me that is normal

“Black children are more than twice as likely as white kids to be arrested, but the data shows this disparity is not because black kids are committing more crimes, Mother Jones reports. Black youth are burdened by a presumption of guilt and dangerousness — a legacy of our history of racial injustice that marks youth of color for disparately frequent stops, searches, and violence and leads to higher rates of childhood suspension, expulsion, and arrest at school; disproportionate contact with the juvenile justice system; harsher charging decisions and disadvantaged plea negotiations; a greater likelihood of being denied bail and diversion; an increased risk of wrongful convictions and unfair sentences; and higher rates of probation and parole revocation”

Again joke


With that attitude there is no hope for you whatsoever.

Racism will always exist, there is nothing anyone can do that will prevent it.

What we can do is what we have done which is to the greatest extent possible remove institutional racism and it’s stain from the nation.

You aren’t Nat Turner, you can’t even imagine the world he lived in.

You aren’t Malcolm X, you can’t even imagine the world he lived in.

You are living in the world they and we created where you enjoy wealth, privilege, and opportunity that 90% of the world’s population cannot even envision.

Your final comment is nothing but ignorance and bigotry.

Spend the rest of your live wallowing in self pity and racial victim hood if you want, the rest of us are moving on.


“Mother Jones”? Really?

Poor people are more likely to be arrested than wealthier regardless of race.

Poor people are more likely to be convicted than wealthier people regardless of race.

Poor people are more likely to get stiff sentences than wealthier people regardless of race.

Repeat offenders of any race will typically get stiffer sentences than those who are first time offenders.

How much you can afford to spend on an attorney and what you are doing at the time you are contacted by police are the determining factors, not race.


So we should shut up and stop complaining right? Is that your position? Black people can no longer fight to be treated better because we didn’t live during Jim Crow? Or because we were slaves?

I seriously doubt you did anything to help the plight of black people. I can tell by your posting with me. Your “you should be grateful” is contributing to that thought.

Like I said, I can tell you’ve never had any meaningful conversations with black people. Maybe there isn’t any room for change. Which is unfortunate.


And black people are more likely to be poor than their white counterparts because of…


The above is more of your baseles prejudiced BS.

I don’t have to reach any further than my own family or neighbors to talk to “black people”.

Just how much better than equal is it you think you deserve to be treated and on what basis?


Because of the choices they make in life.


Should we shut up and be grateful?