Finally, Officer Jason Van Dyke charged in June, trial begins next week


Cop are actually more likely to shoot white people as found by a Harvard study done by a black professor.

Oh the tears of the PC babies nationwide though when this study came out two years ago as it didn’t fit their worldview.


Why exactly was a 12 year old who was the height & weight of the average adult male allowed to play with even a toy gun in a public park?

This kid wasn’t a sweet little boy in the pre & grammar school years making the shape of a gun with his fingers, but a middle schooler the size of an adult, & many don’t know much about firearms.

For those wanting to make race an issue, I’d note the height & make the comparison to an adult if Tamir Rice was white or from any other group.


I’m actually get involved. So no.


Children are children all throughout this world and should be protected. Adults do not “have” to shoot children. They choose to. They need to slow down and assess the situation before shooting instead of having this “fear” they report having and use as a legal defense.

And no, I wouldn’t do the same thing. Never in a million years.


If these decisions cannot be made they don’t belong in law enforcement. Just admit that the real problem is the lack of respect for human life. Kill, kill, kill, that’s always their solution when it is needless.


Keep rationalizing. Did you ever shed a tear for this boy?


You ever had a gun pointed at you?


Yes. Are we playing 20 questions?


Did the age of the person, especially someone around the size of an adult, ever enter into your thought process?


It was a cop, so no. But if it was a child and if I also had a gun, I would not kill him or her. It’s fine if you don’t believe that.


What if you didn’t know? Tamir Rice was 5 foot 9, 190 pounds. He was only slightly smaller than I am and I’m 29 years old.


12 years old - a 12 year old child - think about that for a while. Then imaging he was white.


What kind of sheltered neighborhood did you grow up in? At around the same age my friends and I had pellet guns that were very real looking replicas.They even had clips to load. We carried those guns around all over the place and shot at targets in the woods. We also had large replica Rambo knives that we bought from the flea market (the things they used to sell kids back then lol). I’m just glad there were no cowardly trigger-happy cops blasting first and asking questions later.


Yes. I’m sorry the kid lost his life.

But a 12 year old old needs parental guidance, and a kid this big being allowed to play with such a toy isn’t it.


The kids in my “sheltered neighborhood”, which was on a rural area, had outgrown toy guns at 12. And they wouldn’t have been playing with one around a police officer.


So the kid was just too big. That’s the whole problem here. LOL.


Why can’t they play cowboys and Indians or some other silly childhood game around officer friendly without the fear of officer friendly getting scared and shooting them?


Did anyone imaging that he was white yet?


Yep. Same results. Suicide by cop.


His size gave him the appearance of an adult.

I’ve known men who reached close to average adult height in the early teens, & managed to get jobs before it’s even legal with a parent signed permit. No one even asked their age.