Finally, Officer Jason Van Dyke charged in June, trial begins next week


Smh…whatever dude.


Does this mean you’ll finally do yourself a favor and quit?


No, it means you’re never going to acknowledge that what you posted is false and I’m done wasting my time with you.


You can’t show what I said to be false and we both know it.


Like I said, whatever dude. It’s late and some of us work for a living. Have a good night.


Oh please no, keep flailing, it’s entertaining as hell.


Must defend cops at all cost. I get it.


So they knew he was unstable and hired him anyway? Wow. How in the world do people defend this without looking like complete kiss-ups to law enforcement.


A “scared” fired cop afraid of a child. Remember, they are “scared” How in the world can he sleep and night knowing he wrongfully killed a child.


Seem to forget that he was a child. The adults are supposed to look after children. The adult in this case was an unfit cop.

Ever read Catcher in he Rye? Some of us want to be there at the edge of the tall grass to catch a child should they wander off toward the cliff at the end of the rye grass. To catch them and save them from their childish mistakes.

Some want to just watch and call them lemmings and fools and blame them for their youth. These people take no part in the adult responsibility of protecting children. This cop is one of those people.


A 5’-7” 195 pound child pointing a very realistic replica of a Beretta 92 at him. You can pretend otherwise, but 10 will get you 20 that you would have been panty wetting scared if he was pointing it at you.


To be fair Tamir Rice was large for his age. They wouldn’t have known how old he was.

That said, had they not pulled right up next to him they may would have more time to observe the situation. Instead the driver pulled within feet of him and left the other officer with no time whatsoever to make an educated decision.

Stupid decision all around.


Even that had a rational explanation. The police entered the park from the other side and drove across the grounds to get to the location. They encountered the row of bollards from the back side which directed them right next to where Tamir was sitting. They did not even see him until they were nearly upon him and Tamir stood up and confronted them.


No, they didn’t hire him “knowing he was unstable” nor did anything he do while serving the department indicate that he was.


He didn’t wrongfully kill anyone hence the reason the shooting was ruled justified and the GJ no billed the case.

His actions that day were completely lawful, logical, and appropriate given the circumstances.


5’8 and 195 as I recall. Right at median height and much bigger than the average adult male in the US. Of course hiding his face and head with the hoodie didn’t help them any either even if they’d had time to do anything other than react to his rapid approach and drawing of the gun.


The adults who failed him were his parents. The cops had no possible of knowing who he was or how old he was and no time to find out .

The cop in this case was protecting the public based on the information he was given by the dispatcher who reported a man with a gun threatening and intimidating people, acting strangely and waiving a gun around in a public park.

That’s all he had to go on until Rice jumped up from the bench making a rapid approach to the car lifting his hoodie exposing a gun with one hand and drawing it with the other.

Those are the simple facts of the case, no more, no less.


Cleveland didn’t know because he lied on his application.


The department should have vetted their officer candidate much better by picking up the phone and talking to the department he left.

Again though, there’s no indication he had any stability issues after joining the department so it’s not even relevant.


It’s relevant since never would have been hired if they had picked up the phone. And clearly he didn’t demonstrate stability issues at work.