Finally, Officer Jason Van Dyke charged in June, trial begins next week


He was scapegoated due to politics. Had he actually been a poor officer he’d have never worked in LE again, no department wants the liability of knowingly hiring a bad officer.

The shooting was completely justified under the law and Cleaveland PD policy and we all know it.


Tamir Rice wasn’t a case of racism. It was a case of really poor decisions by everyone involved. Including the officers.


Like clockwork. Not surprising though…


Show anything I’ve stated to be false if you can.


I can’t find any fault in the officer’s action who fired the shot but the driver and dispatcher should both have been immediately fired, prosecuted, and hit with at least 7 figure wrongful death judgement as they are directly responsible for his death.


They gave them inaccurate information and it boggles the mind why they would pull right next to someone that was reported to have a firearm.

If they had been back farther and been able to set up a small perimeter they would have had more time to observe the situation.

The OODA loop was impossible with the amount of time due to their placement. Basically observe and orientation phases were thrown out of the window. The shooter was forced to decide without the full picture.


One car, two men cannot establish a perimeter but the driver absolutely showed absolutely piss poor judgement thrusting himself and his partner into that situation the way he did, It’s really inexcusable on every level.

Dispatch had multiple reports of someone threatening and intimidating people at the scene with a gun but they also had at least one report from a woman who stated she thought it was a kid playing with a toy gun.

The latter information was never relayed to the officers who thought they were essentially charging into an active shooter situation or one that was likely to become same any second if they didn’t intervene correctly.

Again, totally inexcusable on DP’s part.

The most egregious part of the whole thing is that the people directly responsible for crating the conditions leading to his death will never pay any penalty at all.

Bottom line though, instead of surrendering his actions looked every bit like someone closing to attack and shoot one or both of the arriving officers which is why the shooting was ruled “justified” .


Why should I bother wasting my time by doing so? All you’re going to do is move the goalposts like always. Let me give you an example:
First you post this:

Then after being backed into a corner, you posted this:

You contradict yourself so much you forget what you say from one post to another.


Once again, where did I mention it was a statutory requirement>?


Right here:


Perhaps you need some help. There is no mention of law in the post you keep citing. Neither department policy nor regulation are laws nor require the passage of same.

I do however have a call in to some relevant authorities who are going to come up with specific answers as to why LEO involved shootings where the cop involved is suspected of a crime are handled that way. I’ll have some answers in a day or so.


Here’s a better idea. Instead of wasting your time with “calls to relevant authorities”, why dont you just stand by your posts, stop deflecting and stop moving the goalposts when you say something that’s not true while trying to pass it off as fact? It’ll be a lot easier for everyone.


I have stood by my posts each and every time.

I never said it was required by law as your own examples showed.


Got off the line a few moments with the supervisor of Company C.

There is no state statute requiring them to turn over to higher level LE agencies.

By standard, practice, and policy particularly in cases where the officer is suspected of a crime they are. The exception is that a few agencies in the state routinely refer them to their county DA’s Police Integrity Units where they exist in the larger jurisdictions and those units have full LE powers and assets.


No one cares who you just got off the phone with. You said “in this state an agency can not investigate itself”. That’s not at all true. In all actuality they absolutely CAN investigate themselves. They may however, choose not to do so. Just admit that when you said that, you had no idea what you were talking about.


If you’re going to put something in quotes you need to learn to cut and paste and get it right. If you parse or alter it in any way you know you’re supposed to show that you have. Provide the rest of the quote for context.

You’ve provided nothing to show I was in error at all and neither has Blue.


Nobody has been defending Van Dyke, try saying something true for a change.


Explain for us how the police were supposed to be aware of this.


I’ve quoted the entire post several times and you continue to run from it, but if it makes you feel better, here’s the entire post for the 100th time:

The fact is, in that particular state an agency absolutely CAN investigate itself and it DOES NOT have to refer it up to the next level of LE. They may however, choose whether or not to do so. What you posted was blatantly false and you refuse to acknowledge it.


Repeating the latter won’t make it true.

By policy or regulation every department/agency in the state refers such shootings to a higher level of LE or to specific county/district police integrity units.