Finally, Officer Jason Van Dyke charged in June, trial begins next week


I was looking for a mug shot and at first I thought he was black, but that was the officer that died. White or black, it’s hard to believe he got off all of those shots without being hit. I’m guessing he dropped the weapon and laid down.


Race has nothing to do with it. When you surrender you tend to walk away alive, when you fight to the end you don’t.


Just as predicted, this case comes out exactly as expected with the killer heading to prison for the rest of his life and the race baiting/racially obsessed are still hell bent to scream racism.

There is zero evidence in either case to suggest race ever played a part in the outcome.

Surrender when ordered and you’ll probably live, fight to the end and your odds go down dramatically.


Yeah right. Tell that to Tamir Rice. You defend the indefensible all the time. What’s up with that?


Tamir Rice didn’t even attempt to surrender, he jerked up his hoodie with one hand and attempted to draw his gun with the other as the car came to a stop and the officers bailed out.


Since he was white, maybe they were not aiming to kill but to wound. /sarc


Stop defending this. Is wasn’t even a real gun. Black lives matter too WR. Start defending them like they matter.


Sorry if you find the facts uncomfortable.

They had no way to know it was a pellet gun, all they had to go on was what was communicated to them by the dispatcher and how he acted when they arrived.

Rice quickly rose from his seated position approaching the car attempting to draw his gun. Under any legal or moral standard the shooting was completely justified which is why it was ruled so by the shooting team and the grand jury.

At least three people should have been fired and sent to prison over this and none of them were the shooter, they were the people who put him in the position in which he had no reasonable alternative except to fire.

Here’s the short enhanced version of the critical time. Start at 16 seconds.

If his life had mattered to his parents he wouldn’t have been running around with a gun threatening and intimidating people without supervision. If his life had mattered to himself he would not have been doing that and he would have surrendered instead of launching what for all the world looks like an attempt to shoot at least one if not both arriving officers.


Did you know that the officer involved in the shooting had been fired from his previous police job for “emotional instability” and “dangerous loss of composure during a firearms exercise”?


Which has exactly what to do with how this incident unfolded?

His actions were completely justifiable by any reasonable or moral standard.


So you say. Perhaps we have different moral standards.


If his actions were totally justifiable, how come he was fired?


Politics, the community wanted him gone and after the shooting he wasn’t just toxic he was radioactive.

He had no problem however getting another job as a cop in another city after things calmed down.


He had every reason to believe he was about to be shot to death if he did not fire, so what other moral standard is it you are applying?


And I’m sure the citizens of Belleaire, Ohio sleep better at night, knowing a twice-fired cop who killed a 12 year old is out there keeping them safe.


No, he didn’t. The car hadn’t even come to a stop before Rice was shot.

But this is a pointless exercise. We all know what you believe.


Well that’s blatantly false. He was out of the car face to face with Rice as Rice was drawing his gun before the shots were fired as is clearly demonstrated on the video.

The car is stopped at the 1 second mark and shots fired at the 21 second mark as the officer is retreating and attempting to take up a position behind the stopped car.


You see what you want to see.

As I said, this is pointless. Continue to lionize the killer of a child, if you feel that’s the “moral” high ground. I’m done with this.


I’m not lionizing anyone, I’m simply dealing in the facts of the case. The video shows your statement to be utterly false.

The person with a problem here is yourself because the facts won’t support your meme.


Incorrect. He was fired for lying on his application about his poor record at his previous position.