Finally, Officer Jason Van Dyke charged in June, trial begins next week


Sure has nothing to do with slavery, Jim Crow, mass incarceration.

Oh boy. Keep going. Please :joy:


Jim Crow was dead and gone before you were born.

If your daddy is in prison your likelihood of ending up there increases exponentially.

If your mommy has multiple baby daddies your odds of ending up in prison go up exponentially.

If you are born out of wedlock your odds of ending up in prison more than double.

If you drop out of school, your odds more than double of ending up in prison.

If you are on drugs or an alcoholic your odds are about 7x greater than those who don’t of ending up in prison.

If you are living in poverty no matter what your race you are at least 4x more likely to have a criminal record than those who are not.

Those are all the results of the choices people make in their lives and for their kids.


Try just once in your life to consider something other than race in why people end up behind bars. It will be enlightening.


I never said race was the only reason why someone would be behind bars… people are behind bars because of crimes the commit and were convicted for.

However you are suggesting that slavery and Jim Crow no longer has any affect on the black community. As soon as they ended, so did our plight. Am I right?


Should black people just shut up and be grateful?


Both were ended a nearly a half century before you were even born, just how long are you going to keep using them as excuse for the failing of blacks?

Whatever problems you or anyone else has today are the results of the decisions made by yourselves and your parents.

It only take one generation to escape poverty and it only takes one more to put you back in it.

All you see is race you make that abundantly clear in every one of these discussions. On the rare instance it’s not the only thing you see it’s most certainly the first.


Maybe you should just learn to appreciate what you have and the possibilities that exist for all.


Blacks commit over 50% of the murders in this country despite black males, the vast majority of the blacks that do murder, being only 7% of the population. They are also over 50% of the murder victims.

Blacks (again mostly males) commit over 60% of the armed robberies.

Black teen males are far more likely to be involved in gangs and gang violence than white males. When was the last time you heard of a white gang involving teens. . . most of what could be classified as white gangs tend to be biker gangs and those are adults.

So of course black males have higher incarceration and stop rates than their % of the population. Its because they commit most of the violent crimes.


Van Dyke got sentenced today. He’ll do something like 7 years before getting paroled.

While its obvious he ******* up the flaws in the prosecutions case were readily apparent during sentencing testimony as they brought up liar after liar to try and paint Van Dyke as lifelong racist.

One guy they brought up talked about how 15 years go Van Dyke called him all kinds of racist names etc yet the defense pulled up the records of the complaint he actually made those 15 years ago and it wasn’t even remotely similar without any of the racist elements. Damn the police dept for actually keeping records.

Another guy claimed Van Dyke horribly abused him but his complaint years ago actually pointed the finger at a totally different officer. Again, the race baiter would have gotten away with it not for those nasty records.

So while its obvious Van Dyke ****** up in the heat of the moment panic the prosecution was also obviously sacrificing him to the altar of SJW politics trying to make things far worse than they really were. They wanted to paint him as a racist who wanted to kill a black kid where really he was just a cop who panicked in the heat of the moment. Bad but not premeditated bad.