Favorite Documentary on YouTube


I have too many to count, but these are some of my favorites.

  • Century of leadership (Documentary on the history of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc.)
  • Black Wall Street
  • Survival of the Fastest
  • The Importance of African-American History
  • The Games They Play
  • Journey through Slavery
  • The Real Black History they don’t want you to Know!
  • Black History Before The Slavery
  • United for Jamaica


Awesone documentary on the history of Smash bros and its rise in esports from the grassroots level.


I prefer documentaries about unusual personal dramas - two of my favorites were “The Devil and Daniel Johnston” about a mentally ill musician who became a cult hit, and “Mommie Dead and Dearest” - that started out as a Munchausen’s by proxy story, became a murder story - unbelievably strange.


This is more on the “electric universe” . This video claims that ancient rock art shows massive plasma displays in the sky and tries to explain why so many ancient culture around the world viewed the planets as “gods”.

If you watch some of the Thunderbolts projects vids they get a little strange like saying the earth was once orbited a brown dwarf before being captured by the current sun, so a little crazy, but this video does not go that far. Very interesting and at least entertaining.

The second part tries to show Mar’s surface as torn up by giant plasma charges and thus having the largest canyon in the solar system dispite being so small. They say Venus is a new planet in our system and it made a mess of thing as it entered our solar system.


Was there another time of global trade ruined by mass immigration?

1177 BC: The Year Civilization Collapsed (Eric Cline, PhD)


Have you ever met one of these people…


Very entertaining and historic. He wasn’t that big, and wore a broad brimmed hat. But a great man in real life.

Daniel Boone and the Opening of the American West – Part 1


The electric universe isn’t a thing.


I don’t know if they have the answer to a better cosmology, but they sure ask a lot of great questions about the current one.

Remember the old theory about comets being large snow balls and that’s where earth’s water comes from, but up close photos of comets now show they are rocks not snowballs. So, where did our water come from?

" Scientists have no explanation " is a common phrase as we see more of the universe for real.

I like to cal the EU (electric universe) guys a bunch of tee’d off Aussies. " Crikey, only a drongo would believe in black holes, or dark matter" “It’s a bleed’en band aid for their lousy accretion theory”

If anyone knew who they were, they’s make great comedy satire.


I call them cranks.

The Electric Universe isn’t a thing.


They may have a good point when they point to black holes and dark matter as band aids to current cosmology. But I don’t see how there enough ions or electrons in space to drive the sun. I mean we should be able to easily find if Birkeland currents that strong existed in space.


They don’t have a good point.

Their entire theory is bunk.


How can you tell?


Because the entire theory is ludicrous.

It leaves more unanswered questions than it answers.

When one wants to overturn Einstein… one better bring the goods.

They don’t have the goods.


I don’t think Einstein predicted black holes and dark matter. That was invented once we could see that stars in a galaxies rotate at near the same speed whether inside or out

" For instance, according to standard physics, stars at the edges of a spinning, spiral galaxy should travel much slower than those near the galactic center, where a galaxy’s visible matter is concentrated. But observations show that stars orbit at more or less the same speed regardless of where they are in the galactic disk. This puzzling result makes sense if one assumes that the boundary stars are feeling the gravitational effects of an unseen mass dark matter in a halo around the galaxy."


Relativity did predict black holes, but Einstein rejected that they were possible. He was wrong about that.

Dark matter is just a place holder for our ignorance. That ignorance doesn’t mean that the entire model is wrong and it needs to be replaced. It just means that we do not know as of yet what the mass is that we call “dark matter”


I don’t think this guy has anything but self esteem. His presentations is just funny because he takes himself so seriously…