Favorite Documentary on YouTube


This doc has no pictures, but is really interesting. It’s Hermetic Teaching regarding the Mental Nature of the Universe. It’s amazing how well the old Egyptians did on the nature of the universe considering they did no experiments, just thinking. At that time, science and religion and philosophy were all the same study.

This doc tells you the stuff a “college” student would be learning in ancient Egypt. It’s also the basis for much of modern occultism. Although, they don’t quite get what Hermes was saying…

I love the idea we all live in the “Mind of the All”.


These great videos you post show your intelligence which leads me to believe that you cannot be serious about some of the posts you make in the politics section.

Keep posting the fascinating and thought provoking links. - I appreciate them.


I can’t get enough of Brian Cox. I could listen to him for hours.


There’s a lot of meaning in this documentary. You just have to look deep.


Tesla is a fascinating person. i never get tired of reading about him.


Here’s a documentary from PBS on the theories behind the last great extinction about 12800 years ago. Some claim it was caused by a small population of human “super predators” eating all the megafauna, but considering there were millions of Buffalo when the human population in N America was much bigger that’s hard to fathom. I think they still teach the “super predator” theory in schools for some reason.

Some say it was the rapid climate change of the Yonger dryas freezing them all.

Another theory is we had a Comet or asteroid hit somewhere near N.America, and that wiped them out because it caused rapid climate change, or was just so strong it just killed them and the Clovis people of N. America. Thus the “black mat” layer. Very interesting controversy going on right now.

Here’s another one on the subject. It’s about where the Comet may have it. Some think the great lakes are the result of the impact.

The Carolina Bays as evidence of a cosmic impact.


The Electric Universe…

Is there an alternative to the current model of physics we have? Is the reason we have such a strange cosmology of black holes, and dark matter no one has ever seen? Is the reason there is no unified theory because our current theory are completely wrong? I have no idea, but here’s a guy that says there is no fusion powering the Sun. It’s a plasma effect caused by magnetic fields! Pretty interesting…


Pretty interesting and complete bunk.


One of my all time favorite docs.


How can you tell?


The Electric Universe model creates a lot more problems than it supposedly solves.

It would mean that general relativity is wrong.

That is a large hurdle to leap over.


Peter Joseph still pops up from time to time… says something stupid and then fades away.

He is like the Socialist Alex Jones.


I thought, The most interesting point was that temp on the surface of the sun is 6000 K and the temp of the corona is 2 million K. (Something like that, anyway) So the sun goes from cooler to hotter as you get away from the center. So, if you have fusion at the center, why is the corona the hottest part?

“The question of why the solar corona is so hot remains one of most exciting astronomy puzzles for the last 60 years. There is no definite answer to that question yet.”


There are tons of these problems with current cosmology…


Yes there are.

But you can’t answer those questions by proposing a theory that comes with it even more problems with the current model.

Like say how does the electric universe theory explain the double slit experiment?


I don’t know, and I’m not sure if they argue against relativity, so much as Gravity as the main driving force of the universe.

The double slit exp is till debated in the regular physics model, so…


Yes the double slit experiment does have debates… but does the electric universe model have anything nearly as compelling to explain that observation?

How does the electric universe theory explain time dilation? Black Holes? Atom Bombs?

There is a reason is it fringe.


They don’t argue against atom bombs or energy in an atom, as we’ve all seen them. But they say black holes and dark matter are a symptom of a bad theory. Just like not being able to explain why the sun is colder on the surface than in the corona. Usually thing get colder as you move away from the heat source, not hotter…

On time, I have no clue what they argue…


Well think of it this way. If Time Dilation was not from gravity it would be from electricity… as the Electric Universe Theory states that Gravity is really Electricity… then time dilation should easily induced through electrical experiments at measurable amounts.


Seems like a reasonable assumption. But considering the major problems not solved by current cosmology in about a hundred years, these guys should get more time to solve their problems.


Anything to do with Nikola Tesla.
Tesla was such an amazing mind it’s hard to separate fact from fiction where he is concerned.
Were wireless energy transmission and free energy real or fabrications of his work?
There are dozens of YouTube documentaries on him. Take your pick.