Favorite Documentary on YouTube


This is a very entertaining docudrama about the bronze age Hittites and their history. I watch a lot of documentaries on Youtube and this one not only provides you with a ton of documented history but it has romance and drama too. I don’t want to over state how entertaining this is as you may expect too much, but of all the docs, I watch this one shut up the family for the entire thing.

It’s also a great lesson on govt.

Don’t worry you hardly see this guy…


Great one on the ancient Greeks.



Another on the very interesting history of Sumeria… Although, it’s a hair fuzzy…


Great documentary on Watergate.


This is an Australian documentary on the late stone age. The the link goes to the first of 4 parts which goes over the rise of agriculture from Hunter gathers. Really good…


The first temple 12,000 BC. It shows organized religion was around before cities. The builders made lots of carvings on pillars, which are speculated on. Personally I thing pillar 43 shows the flood myth.


Great lecturer from the OI. Shows little has changed in pop music…


Great links and thanks for sharing. We might have something in common after all.


:grin: If you like those you’ll love Irvin…


The attack of the sea people…


The original block buster…You aren’t educated if you don’t know Gilgamesh.


Something for any fellow Sumeria enthusiasts.


I found this to be a pretty good documentary, one of my favorites about my favorite animal…I used to watch documentaries about lions all the time when I was a freshman in high school.


Here’s one of my favorites about Nikola Tesla, the pioneer of AC circuits.


“Big Cat Diary” was a favorite morning show for years. Check it out, if you can find it.


Here’s a darker one that I have watched, and my heart breaks for these kids. WARNING: disturbing scenes are featured inside this documentary; it doesn’t sugarcoat anything…it reminded me a lot of Shadow Mountain. But, it is interesting and it gives insight to the horrors that went on “behind the walls,” and the unethical practices that were broadly done by psychiatrists up until the 80’s…proceed with caution:


A documentary about the horrors of Reactive Attachment Disorder. This one is also pretty dark, and there are some dark descriptions of what was done to this girl and what she did and said to others in response. Proceed with caution:


Here is what happened to Beth in her later years. She is now well-off, a nurse and author who helps others who have been through similar situations. Movie starts at around 26:00. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3aGNbl7Nx-A


I knew a Hittite in Turkey. She had mental problems but in another universe could have led an Army with her intensity and charisma.


Yes, I remember. Usually they blame Ronald Reagan for shutting down mental health care in Cal and such, but it was a big push by the left and Hollywood. The country was all ginning up on “one flew over the coo coo’s nest.”

Liberals always call homelessness a mental health crisis and homelessness started shooting up about this time