Fake news thinks President Trump caved


5.7B does not a 2000 mile wall make. That was not the issue. Strengthening our border was.


There was a weird feedback loop that happened. During the campaign, Trump planted a specific idea in his supporters’ minds: the necessity of a two-thousand mile concrete wall, that would require multiple times the mount of concrete that was used for the Hoover Dam, plus billions of pounds of steel reinforcement (let’s not even take into consideration the other problems and hurdles and requirements, or his ■■■■■■■■ Mexico payment con).

So then they zealously adopt this and put him in a bind where he has to fulfill it, or at least do something that he and they can spin as a plausible “victory.”


I think you are on to something here… Why is it so hard for anyone to find out exactly what the $5.7B is for? Do you support authorizing the spending of $5.7B without details often or just in this case?


Nancy never thought to ask for more details, or who would make the decisions on when and where to spend it? If that’s all it took, that could have been worked out I would thiink.


That’s weak.


Nancy was not in charge till early January… Paul Ryan and the GOP should have had hearings well before the budget talks started… Why did they not? I am fine with waiting till Pelosi has time for hearings to determine exactly what’s needed but it’s likely to be well beyond Feb 15th.


Well obviously Nancy and the president, just like you and I disagree on massive funding for Additional barriers on the southern border.

It’s a simple disagreement among citizens.

Nancy thinks she’s right.

Trump thinks he right.

That’s why they should compromise about the wall for DACA.

Both sides can go to their base and claim victory.

And onward we go.



Sheesh how far the goal posts have moved. Trunp has mentioned a wall probably forty gazillion times. The Base has wanted a Wall. If it was just about border protections there would be a lot of common ground.

Seriously- what was the 5.7 billion for? Do you even know?


Nancy had already made it clear she would not support the wall funding before she took over the House, so yes…technically she was not speaker.
Why did they not do it before? Easy, the Senate. 51 Republicans including such as Flake.
Yes, I hope both sides calm down and something is done to show good faith by Feb 15th, if not the funding itself.


Do you finally agree that just honing in on “The Wall” was a bad idea? If y’all are really cool with talking about a host of border security measures then great. But somehow I don’t think you’ve let go of the Wall.


I never voted for Trump because of the wall but because, among other things, he was for securing the border. No…I was never excited about a wall as anything but one of several tools. The offer of increased border funding but with none spent on the wall was nonsense in that ultimately you do need a wall in strategic places. You also need sensors, ICE, drones etc.


What evidence can you offer that demonstrates that we don’t already have a wall in strategic places? Seems like something like that would be very useful to support trump’s position.


I personally have no wall technical data. People coming across where there is no wall would be an indication.


We have about 700 miles of fencing along the border- almost all of it built during Obama’s tenure. Certainly in places where it needs shoring up, repair and even replacement with selective “wall”- sure. But that is a long long way from this pledge:

“Trump has said he wants a concrete barrier as high as 55 feet tall and has described his proposed wall as “impenetrable, physical, tall, powerful, beautiful.”


Does that statement alone justify a $5 billion expenditure? Why didn’t Trump/the republicans provide any tangible justification? Surely, they must have some.


Just take the absolute value of the vector…


There was NOTHING preventing the GOP from making the case through congressional hearings before Pelosi was elected speaker. NOTHING… Why did they not have hearings and build a case for $5.7B in funding? Why are you supporting spending $5.7 BILLION dollars of taxpayer money without any detail at all?


You are confusing dementia with strategy.


Donald Trump is a stopped clock that is right all the time.


So let it be tweeted, so let it be re-tweeted.