Fake news thinks President Trump caved


How is this a win, so Trump shut down the government again in Feb he is he not going to cave next when federal workers start not showing up for work and the airports start shutting down again because that is what he just did.

Polsei just proved that Trump can’t hold out for more then 30 days on shutting down the government. the threat of a shutdown is no longer a threat because Trump just proved he can’t hold out indefinite.


Thank you Trump


Who listens to this old fossil?

He had a voice 15 yrs ago.


Losing a loved one from this illegal immigration problem doesn’t compare, why does everyone ignore the fact the Democrats voted for a wall before?


Trump really gave Pelosi a fantastic gift in all this. Dumpster Donnie huffed and puffed for over a month about how he absolutely would not reopen the government without wall funding. Then, Lagardia was closed due to funding problems with the FAA - and poof, just like magic, Dumpster Donnie realized his billionaire buddies wouldn’t be able to take off or land their private jets there, and he folded like an accordion.

Now Nancy knows just what needs to happen to make him fold next time. What a “master negotiator” Trump is. :rofl::rofl:


On another not, if Trump pulls this “national emergency” crap in the future and it goes to court, the first question i would ask if I were an opposition lawyer is: “Mr. President, if this is a national emergency, why did you reopen the government the last time?”


If I was the judge, I would say build the wall because the Democrats voted for it before.


So can we put you down as being in favor of judges writing legislation from the bench?


Democrats have voted for a wall so what’s the problem?


The problem with judges legislating from the bench? That’s not their job. Legislation, under the constitution, needs to be done in Congress.

Now, if Congress passes such legislation, then there would be no problem. But, it needs to go through the proper constitutional process.

I would oppose any legislation from the bench.


Nancy wasn’t going to cave if the shutdown went on for a year.

She just got elected. The dems got 60,000,000 votes.

Why would she cave? The house controls money.

The president prolly thought she would cave too.

he misread her. Just as you misread her.

Mitch did not. He knew she was steel.



I can’t speak for everyone who is saying that Trump caved, but if the scenario you propose had happened, I’d be saying Nancy caved.

All of that is irrelevant though, because nothing you said invalidates what I said. Trump picked a fight he didn’t have the stones to win.Nancy didn’t pick this fight. Chucky didn’t pick this fight. Trump did.

Once again, eat yer peas!


This whole wall fight has been a disaster for Trump. We were first told by prominent Republicans that they had the votes for the wall and that never happened. Trump failed to get people on board.

Then he said he was proud to shut down the government, he then evolved and we were expected to forget he said that.

Meeting after meeting with the Dems failed fo produce a result and now Trump was left with no choice but to capitulate.

Spin it how you want but its a huge climbdown for Trump and has eroded his power as President. Its eroded in the sense that he was the first to blink.

For a man allegedly to be the best negotiator in the world we saw zero evidence of this in the past several weeks.

Of course his supporters will maintain the fiction that this is somehow part of a bigger strategy but its not.

When Trump does not shut the government down in 3 weeks all the usual suspects here will pivot and explain why even though they said he would they never actually meant that.


Trump caved to Nancy on the State of the Union
Now he is caving on the wall.

He looks weak and pathetic.

The people he has working for him are incompetent.

I would expect him to be able to come up with 5b in black ops funds to build the wall! This shouldnt be that difficult.

He could have took the 25b before and built the wall with it and had money left over!

All this bothers me because I support the wall!

But face it…He caved. I would have rather he let the republicans mutiny on him. Their votes would have been on record and maybe we could get some fresh blood in the house and senate.

He caved.


Trump’s presidency is effectively over.

Nancy grabbed him by the ■■■■■

He might as well resign now.


Trump is like a 1970s soap opera mom. He just gossips and gossips and gossips. Probably because he was raised by a nanny and his mom while his dad worked.

So of course he’s going to cave to strong women. He fears them.


Citation. 17:45 seconds is what you are looking for.


It’s like some unshaven drunk, yelling into his bathroom mirror while using a hairbrush as a microphone. Sleep it off, Bill. No one gives a ■■■■■


“Except the facts” should be trumps 2020 campaign slogan.



I must say. Trump has big brass ones.

… … … … … … Must be artificial. His natural ones are on Pelosi’s desk in a jar.