Fake news thinks President Trump caved


Not super technical but gives you an idea


So you like to see people suffer without a paycheck? Have you ever worked for a month or more without getting paid? Try putting yourself in THEIR shoes.


Dem offered Trump 5.7 billion if none of it would be spent on a wall.

he refused it.


Trump has had two years to offer Congress details.



Have you ever learn a trade and watched your worth not keeping up with inflation?

In 1986 average skilled carpenter could buy 2 new Chevy suburbans with his yearly wage.

Today he can’t buy one.

Where was democrats passion for workers during that time while they were using illegals to repress wages for American workers?


I thought democrats didn’t have jobs and lived off government freebies.
Now they’re responsible for hiring the illegals.

Democrats - all things to some people.


Pretty amazing when you think of it. The shutdown happened when the GOP ran EVERYTHING. Pelosi was sworn in during a shutdown and was blamed for it for some ridiculous reason.




I blame the RINO’s like McCain and Flake.


Last three paragraphs explains why Gen. Kelly went their.




Yes, Illegal is illegal and this problem needs to be fixed.


What doe’s this have to do with the illegal immigration problem in America?


Let? President Trump is trying to protect the American people from this illegal immigration problem, resources are being wasted when Americas infrastructures are crumbling. He will get the wall!




dose it matter when billions are being wasted on illegal immigration, the problem needs to fixed.


Americans are dying from this illegal immigration problem we have, why is this meme ignoring them?


Exactly…the federal workers learned something.


We definitely need more Border Agents…what happened to all that money the government spent to find new ones?


Yes…,that’s what I was trying to say earlier that Dem posters just couldn’t understand. With Senators like Flake and McCain, we never had an issue majority in the Senate, even if there was numerically a slight Republican majority.