Does God want us to judge him?


He did not give you the free will option to not sin. That is why scriptures say we are all sinners, even in the womb.

Since God gave us natures that default to sin, do you think it just that he punish us for doing what he created us to do and which we must do?



What other religion is like that?


And here I thought that it was due to their use of deadly inquisitions to grow Christianity due to lack of a decent moral code, and using less deadly inquisitions today against women and gays with their homophobic and misogynous teachings.

I think I am more correct than you. Care to debate?



Who cares what the religion was of the nearly hundred million they killed. It was still the largest mass murder of humans history…


So, you hate God because he made you mortal…


No. Because he created hypocritical people like you who deflect when the questions get a but tougher because you cannot justify the immoral double moral standard you use.

Thanks for showing how cowards cannot be moral.



The inquisition was bad thing. Most of Europe hated at the time too. One of the reasons for Martin Luther. But Galileo still got to publish, and Europe becomes the technological leader of earth because of universities put in by catholic kings…

It’s inquisition is also a tiny in it’s persecutions compare to the leftist persecutions of the last century…

Currently we have an inquisition of people who don’t think climate change in man caused. Because that goes against the current established religion…


at least you admitted yo hate God… So, you at least believe in him… The rest will come in time.


The best possible world would be a subjective view in my opinion. I think we’re merely at this juncture of reality where the universe/God is living out the many possible lives of imperfection as “He” observes this creation/Himself.

I have sought and found disturbing truths that cause me to marvel at the reign of existence, because I am inseparable from it. What to do with the “truth” is a burden just thinking about it, because depending on how I would share this truth, I could end up mocked out of society, executed for heresy, or worst of all, find myself at the center of an arbitrary religion.


You should be grateful God granted you life. No matter how short of time he lets you spend here…

and hating God is the other side of the coin of loving Him…



The same reason Jews dislike Hitler. For his genocide.

Why do you like a genocidal son murdering God?



But you don’t hate the other leftists for their genocide, right?

And God grants you your lifetime, so he can’t murder people… Back to you hate him for making you mortal. We all die sometimes. I’m sorry that makes you jealous of God’s eternity.


Better than the guy leading you down your path for their pound of flesh over being cast out.