Does God want us to judge him?


Plagiarism? The Sumerians send their regards. lol


Gosh, Why are you so angry at God?


Yes… 100 million were murdered by socialist atheists, and billions enslaved, so I fight against it…


100million dead by black plague which god created


Yes…but not even close to the realm of our Lord’s. To even fathom that I do is arrogant beyond agape.


How do you know if you are close or not if you cant fathom it




Yes, what you said:


How close are you to being able to create the universe in 6 days? That’s how close I am too.


But you cant fathom God, how do you know God created the universe in 6 days


Yeah…any day…this very day…is a great day…to chase your tail. Please…carry on.


What one sees in this world is a mirror-reflection of the self. Ugly thoughts make for an ugly world.


Only very generally speaking, wouldn’t you agree? Of course, this does not make what you say any less true, only that it doesn’t cover every situation. It goes hand in hand with the statement that often (as opposed to always) what we see in others is what we see in ourselves.


Seems like a good question to me. People say God cant be fathomed, and then in the next sentence claim they understand the time frame and scenario in which he created the world. It isnt consistent


Introspection is the key. That’s what I got from Jesus anyway.




That’s one piece of the jigsaw puzzle, yes.


…and now to complete the circle of tail chasing…I said being able to fathom the ability to judge God.


We all get our time on earth and then die. Even a second of existence is a miracle. Better than the darkness we came out of…


Yes, inside the heart is where so much begins