Does God No Longer Condemn Sin?


Of course. The first question: Will people listen to the answers?


I don’t know, ask Meriwether.


Why can’t God just write a book, sign it and be done with it?


Do you understand the language God speaks?


Doesn’t everybody?


Then why do you need Him to write something?


So it won’t have to be interpreted from a second source.


It was inspired by a bunch of old guys who were told by the emperor of Rome that if they whittle the 30 some odd gospels floating at the time into one coherent book, he would make Christianity the imperial religion, all of them would become very powerful and rich. Also at the time there were no one version of a all these gospels, so there was a lot of bickering about what they should read…this is where the whole ‘‘inspired stuff’’ comes from along with picking the 4. The 4 chosen were most probably picked because they were the most popular at the time.

So, the bible was adopted, the church then went on a 1000 year quest burning any of the old, unacceptable gospels and any people that had them.

In the mean time Rome fell, and strict adherence to the bible lead Europe into the Dark Ages for ~500 years.

Added note: modern computer writing style analysis indicates that Mark, Luke and Mathew may have been written by the same person.


What does this perspective of Church history do for you? How is it making your life better?


How is it making it worse?


There is no claim that it is making life worse. The question that interests me is how her perspective has made things better for her.


Her response’s are classic deflection and obfuscation. Like asking someone who’s well off why he’s supporting a cause or fund for the poor or disadvantages or civil rights. You do it because it’s right or it’s the truth.

The truth shall set you free.


Or, it is genuine interest.


I’ve not seen it.


It must be hiding in plain sight. Why not give it a try?


Do you work or volunteer in a significant for the catholic church.


I would not say I have volunteered in any significant way. I have taught religious education to young teenagers, taken Holy Communion to the home bound, visited seniors who don’t get out much and don’t have a lot of family near by. Things like that.


Are you in a catholic religious vocation?


Answered more completely in the other thread, but the short answer is no. When I was a kid, my nightly prayers included a request to God to not call me to be a nun. (Our teachers said they had a calling, and I didn’t want one.)


God doesn’t change. He has always condemned sin. It is man and the “churches” they have created who no longer condemns sin. That’s the only lie Satan has: Believe and do as you please, for there is no God or price for doing so