Does God No Longer Condemn Sin?




You don’t even know it’s bias.



mines better…


Did you even open the link?


Com on, you know I was talking about his strength to be challenged in his faith.


But it wasn’t a challenge…


Really, he couldn’t even open the link, didn’t even see what it was.


Shrug. Nonetheless, his assessment was accurate. It is a nice piece of cherry-picking of very few people to jump to a conclusion–or the point, they stopped thinking.

Fact: Not every Catholic yesterday, today, or tomorrow is going to march lockstep on every single issue. Nor are we expected to do so. Not every Catholic–let alone–every person of any or no faith believed what the people in that collection of material said.


Who gets to decide what is God’s word and what is not?


Seriously, ‘‘cherry-picking of very few people’’. What did you expect, every single church thinker for 2000 years? There were a number of well know thinkers quoted there. I wonder how much you read, really.

I’ve come to the conclusion he’s just mindless church defender. And you aren’t much better, so all here appears useless. So bye.



Goodbye, then.

What puzzles me is why you selected those people and not others. I did not understand your purpose for using that post. I couldn’t determine whether you were saying, “I found some people in the Church years ago I don’t agree with, therefore I won’t go to church today.”


Who gets to decide? I find the best place to start are with the questions:

  1. What was the intent/purpose of the original author?
  2. Who was his intended audience?

In order to get a clear view of this, one must first understand the culture and history of the times in which he was writing. What was going on? Perhaps, more importantly, what was not going on?


I thought the Bible’s author was God.


Where did you obtain that information? The Bible was not written by God, nor was it dictated by Him. The Bible was inspired by God, but it was most definitely written by man.


The original author wasnt God. The intent was to tell stories about God. The intended audience was primitive people who couldn’t read and probably had IQs of 80.


Says the men who wrote it


That would mean everything in it can be questioned because it’s not really the word of God, it’s only inspired by God.


What exactly does “inspired by God” even mean in the context of biblical writing