Does Free Will Make Us Gods?


But it isnt independent. It is referenced from inside our body. Chemicals and drugs can severely affect our will. When our body sleeps our free will / “I” vanished.


How do you define it?


Read what I said again. Note I meant to put the bolded portion later in the sentence.


Like I said. Our sense of self, “I” seizes to exist in sleep (minus dreaming). So, no, it is not to some extent independent. Also, you seem to be describing self awareness - which to me is different than free will.


Are you aware of the notion of “dualism” in philosophy? You will likely find more answers studying that and reflecting on different questions. What you are doing is looking at this more in an abstract scholarly way then really considering things on a more practical level (again look at all the nuanced questions I raised) - at least from my perspective. Do you know who Ted Bundy is (there have been others like him as well)? Read about him and the ask the same questions. That is one way I approached these issues. That approach is along the lines of what is known as existentialism in philosophy.


I am aware of different philosophies. I am critiquing the idea that there is a part of us independent of our body. As an example, I brought up the fact that when we sleep, we have no sense of self unless we are dreaming. It’s an example that our bodies and sense of self are completely linked.


Yes. There are many types. Property dualism. Substance dualism. I have studied them.


Existentialism is more literary and broad. Ranges from personal aesthetics to phenomenology


I dont know why that quoted me


Every intellectual endeavor begins with some sense or belief in the “self” or “I” (in other words I think therefore I am I am therefore I exist). There are also many other presuppositions that go along with intellectual endeavors. In other words we essentially begin with many beliefs about what we can know and what is real. This conundrum also entails the connection of potential supernatural realities with the natural. How does one actually test the supernatural? That is the biggest conundrum as far as I can tell.