Did you ever think?


So you admit you dont want to grant Amnesty because immigrants arent Republicans?


Yet that is exactly what you’re expecting cities and states to do; Break the law


No need to be sorry, I just don’t want people thinking I am ripping charts from racist sites :).


NVM. I realize now that the graph is only for California, not the U.S. as a whole.


So you admit they would not vote Republican…


People’s voting preferences should not matter when it comes to Federal law. This is America for crying out loud.


Illegals already can. Why not me?


Any reason you decided to not include the title?



Because we arent talking about you and your life and context isnt comparable to how we as a country deal with 10,000,000 illegal immigrants


And that is entirely on Republicans seeing that most Central and South American immigrants are a lot more conservative in their ideals than your average US citizen.


Right. But with ■■■■ hole illegal voters turning elections, it won’t be for long.


What are you talking about?


What states would you say illegal voters turned elections?


Only in some issues. They can be bought… which is exactly what Democrats do.


You can. Go ahead and try to illegally hire an undocumented immigrant. It is both against the law with zero chance of you getting in trouble for breaking it


Here’s an idea: end the federal war on drugs, decriminalize marijuana, move those police & judicial resources to dealing with illegal immigration and harder drugs that kill people.


Wow! trump should form a voter fraud commission to look into this. Wait…you say he already did this? never mind. then.


I’m sure you can prove that right?


Well obviously because the cities like the one I live in Seattle is were the majority of jobs are. Again I don’t want a civil war dear Lord. In the case there was one we don’t know how it would turn out I know the city I live would starve fast without food imports.

If it ever did split I would hope they could do it peacefully Czechoslovakia managed.


Dude the vegetable picking master race is conspiring against us all