Did you ever think?


No one wants a civil war he is talking about the states that would align blue and red.


Of course, kidnapping is also illegal under California law… Perhaps the poster would like California to start writing their own immigration laws as well… :joy::joy:


And any one of the illegals that used faulty documents / identifiers would be charged with fraud and deported. Sound good?


I agree. It could be cyclical. But is it realistic to think we can actually stop the cycle?


Well that place is some racist ■■■■■■■■


If we actually had some repercussions for being in the country illegally, that would certainly help. Illegals have nothing to fear now, especially in sanctuary cities.


I could agree to that if the employers were charged as well… They would have to convince a jury that Jose using documents with the name Cindy Lauper seemed reasonable at the time…


The Public Policy institute of California



And the states that align red would essentially form a 3rd world country forcing “blue America” to implement strong anti-immigration measures to guard against the influx of conservatives looking for a job.


Throw employers who knowingly employ illegals in jail and seize their property.

The problem of illegal immigration will be fixed real quick.


As long as immediate deportation of the illegals is included, I’m fine with that. Unless you want to give the illegals a complete pass.


Yes… the rich areas tend to align blue and the poor areas tend to align red.

Why is that?


But we do have repercussions. It’s whyit is illegal. The problem is that it isnt realistic to track everyone down, prosecute, and round up. Cities arent responsible for enforcing federal law.


I’ve read that 80,000 people could have turned the tide in the 2016 election.

How many stadiums full would that be?

Less than one? Oh… how predictable!


Can you link directly to the graph?


Don’t like sanctuary cities then get federal immigration law changed. It’s really not hard


People don’t even take the time to read. I have never seen that website that was posted but if you look at it that site they pulled the graph from the PPIC which is not a racist organization.


All those people in the tall castle towers on the skyline convinced the farmers & peasants it will “trickle down”. Medieval


I am sorry if you feel like you got some splatter from my comment.

I apologize if you felt it was directed at anywhere other than that link that was provided.



Sources : California Department of Finance estimates and projections; US Census Bureau estimates; Decennial censuses; American Community Survey.