Did you ever think?


The wierd thing is that the blue parts will have for the long foreseeable future a lopsided amount of representation in the Senate and basically a 50/50 shot at the executive branch, but somehow that isn’t enough.

Civil war!!!argle bargle.


How to catch them? Just saying things without context of the resources we have doesnt get anything done


Oh how about fines, paying back taxes, if they committed any crime whatsoever in the US they are deported, waiting in line for citizenship behind everyone going through proper channels… that’s just a start.


You can start with the comprehensive immigration reform from 2013 that was a bipartisan negotiation and torpedoed by talk radio Republicans.

There’s been an evolution over the last few years but that’s a good starting point.


There is no good scenario that would come from that. For all we know Texas will take us all over :stuck_out_tongue:


So do I. But if you want cities and states to assist in enforcing federal immigration law then the law need to be changed to allow them to do so.


That graph is so wrong. Where did you get it from?


Ok. So you would be ok to grant amnesty provided they pay a fine? If they “go to the back of the line” - do we just uproot them back to Mexico? Or do we give them temporary stay?


I can agree on granting amnesty provided they pay a fine/back taxes or some kind community service if unable financially.


Temporary stay is fine - but they don’t qualify for assistance programs, can’t get in any trouble at all- no misdemeanors or anything. Can’t bring in distant relatives from whatever country they’re from… conditions must exist.


To the same degree we can trust the authorities in their home countries.

Those who know that probably were not confused about why Trump put certain countries on the travel ban.




We are fighting a war for our very existence. There is a battle raging for the future of Western civilization, not divided on political lines such as Republican versus Democrat but by nationalists versus globalists. It is usually cold, but can (and has) turn hot at any moment. We need to be prepared, and do our part to try and avoid a hot war if it’s at all possible.

This war has come and gone for years, and the enemy has veiled itself in different forms many times, but it has always essentially been the same. Today’s globalists were yesterday’s communists; usually one in the same, just rebranded and hiding it better.

This war is fought on many fronts, and comes in many forms. We aim to expose these battles, in their many forms, over its many fronts. Whether it’s the cultural war and the cultural Marxism infiltrating our institutions, control and manipulation in the guise of environmentalism, through the media, infiltration in politics, religion, radical feminism, social justice, or the warping of our future generations via the educational system, one must first identify the problem to root it out and begin to fix it.


I would be ok with that as long as the punishments arent too harsh that it prevents people from voluntarily submitting themselves through the process. In the long run, since they are already here, making them citizens is more beneficial than being illegal.


I dont understand what you are saying


I know. …
So I answered for those readers who can .


But if immigration reform is passed, there’s one condition that absolutely must be part of it. After this process is started, anyone caught in the country illegally for whatever reason will be immediately deported. Otherwise, we’ll be back in the same position in a couple decades, and the “immigration reform” will have done nothing but give free citizenship to millions.


How exactly would a sf cop come upon a kidnapper

And how would they know if the person was one.

If they took the kidnapper into custody. It would take all of two seconds to turn them over to the fbi.

Again it is not up to the states to enforce federal law.



Yeah, that’s not true either. They wanted the asylum seekers to go through the process.

And at the end of the day only about the number of people the can fit in a medium sized football stadium actually are granted asylum.


I would also add they have to list all former employers and testify against them…Let’s put some real teeth in the law :joy::joy:


That’s nice