Did you ever think?


It won’t divide the way it did before the civil war, it would be the South and the Mid West States and then coastal states going blue. Why not at this point the sides hate each other.



No it won’t


So you want to round up and deport 10 million people? You arent offering any solutions.


Where is the caravan right now?


Did I say that? No.

You want give 10 million illegals blanket amnesty with no punitive measures? That’s your solution?

I can play that game too.


What are you saying? You’re just complaining without offering any solutions. How are you going to round up 10 million people to “vet”?


How will giving them amnesty allow you to get them?


That imaginary civil war you are talking about… the red areas will get crushed by the blue ones based on population alone.


Average cost to deport ONE illegal alien per CIS (artificially low but we use it anyway) times 10 million equals $60 billion


In your dream scenario the vast majority of the country’s wealth goes with the Democrats


It gives them a path to legality…to be American citizens. Would you rather round them up to deport them? Or are you just going to complain about it?


And money


I want them to pay for breaking our laws. You don’t. You just want them all to be granted citizenship with no strings. I don’t want that. I can’t pick and choose which laws I want to break without fear of punishment. Why should they?


I like how we are again, 100+ years later considering civil war over dark skinned people being in our country


I didnt say that. You are making things up.


As are you.


How do you feel about employers hiring illegal immigrants? What should be done to them?


Those are factors but can you honestly say demographic and immigration changes are not a factor? Look at the New York and Californias demographic changes since 1984. Cubans in Florida lean right, Puerto Ricans lean left. But the immigrants from Mexico and further south heavily vote leftwing. Look at these changes and note when Reagan won California what it was 1984. Republicans will never win these two states again.

This is why the GOP wants a border, it really doesn’t need more explanation, or the party will be extinct.



Punished for doing so. Where have I ever said otherwise? I also want someone who is caught in the country illegally to be deported.


Quit being generic. You think we can round up 10 million illegals and “make them pay” exactly how? Give me something real here…