Did you ever think?


Awww… looky that. You just made your team mate look like a fool. She’s the one who started the blond hair blue eye stereotype in this thread. All references trace back to this post.

Now kiss and make up.


Let’s see . . . who brought up the Charlottsville nationalists, and the ethnic makeup of those human flotsam? Try reading again, this time for comprehension, including comprehending your own posts.

And you want to debate an “A team”? Too funny . . . but don’t worry, you can always find a safe echo-chamber forum, right?


You should check the order of posts, dude. Blonde hair blue eyes was first brought up by your buddy.


Help them? Sounds like they need to start a charity rather then using tax dollars.


Ya maybe you should start a gofundme for the wall. That’ll work.


HAH! You should STOP.



Not really. Trump, his family or anyone else who came here LEGALLY have NOTHING at all to do with, “ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION”. I wouldn’t be here if my family had not moved here 300 hundred years ago, but that’s not the problem.


Yea me too, from either party! Such an evil witch hunt based on invented dossiers & fake accusations should never have happened!