Did you ever think?


Idk I think first ladies deserve the right to be left alone. They weren’t on the ballot. Even if they are married to the Don


No. They don’t HAVE to do anything. But in the U.S., the FLOTUS historically plays a role.


Didnt she start an anti bullying campaign last year?


She started it. Not much being done.


She deserved to be left alone because she IS married to The Don.



Melania’s website contains pictures of her in Africa “being best.” And why does her page contain her husband’s political initiatives? Doesn’t he have a page for that?

Grifters, the both of them.


Did they come in illegally or did they go through the channels set up to handle legal immigration?


What were the immigration laws prior to 1920?


Macron in spring of 2018


They just showed up at the border and said “let me in”


Yes. I remember now. Is that about it?


Romney recieved less Hispanic votes than Trump so that argument is not true. I’m not condoning the presidents language but regardless those who flee the hell of big government votes for big government still.


the only official state dinner so far…because he cant get Putin here yet


It’s a trade off for the engineering, medicines, and rocket technology we recieved. But I mean there is the Mexican food, crime and sombreros decisions decisions :thinking:


They certainly didn’t apply for asylum.


Not at the locations we are now, everything changed from the 1965 immigration act by wife killer Ted Kennedy. And before you call me racist, as pointed out before these are just facts.

In the subsequent half century, the pattern of U.S. immigration changed dramatically. The share of the U.S. population born outside the country tripled and became far more diverse. Seven out of every eight immigrants in 1960 were from Europe; by 2010, nine out of ten were coming from other parts of the world. The 1965 Immigration Act was largely responsible for that shift. No law passed in the 20th century altered the country’s demographic character quite so thoroughly. But its effects were largely inadvertent. The law’s biggest impact on immigration patterns resulted from provisions meant to thwart its ability to change much at all.


I do remember all the Irish rocket scientists.


You said Germany and Scotland, granted the contributions from Scotland when I see the all the man kilts running around is probably minimal, but we recieved a lot from the Germans.

We need more Japanese.


Historically, Nazis didn’t need to be blonde/blue to idealize such. I can think of a prominent example.

Thanks for playing.


I was being sarcastic since we took immigrants from all countries.

There are extremely intelligent Asians and Hispanics and Europeans and Americans. Our country is a melting pot of geniuses from all backgrounds.