Did you ever think?


Cost a year on state and federal levels to support illegals 8075(artificially low but I will use it anyway) each take that times your 10 million comes to 80,750,000,000. Seems to me would be saving money.


Exactly. Thank you. That is what people said about Greeks. So much for the liberal imagination that the animosity is racially based.


The way God intended. Amen


Expecting our government to put citizen’s interests first before foreign interests is not a anti-immigration sentiment.

You guys have clearly lost the debate and now are trying to change it to something else in hope that maybe - just maybe- you can win that debate.

And having lost the debate, you all now turn to your fallback… STOP. Go ahead. I’m done here and did not even break a sweat.


America is not a theocracy. Sorry dude.


lol - Yep, you’re here now and one of the chosen ones of the world so ■■■■ everybody else.

Good on you.


People are not more or less important based on what side of an imaginary line they are born on. Sorry chief.


This era must be what it was like when our country hated Irish immigrants. At least we don’t have signs on stores/ churches/ businesses that say "No dogs. No Irish! ".


Because there was no immigration before the 2019.


America has been mass importing immigrant since its founding.


You guys are the ones that say anyone can be any gender they want. Would hate to see the law suits for saying a person that now looks like a male can not be hired because their SS card says their name is Cindy.


I’m not sure what you are asking


Yes you are. You are asking American citizens to give up their hard earned money to provide an education, medical care, housing, food and what ever else illegals need. You are driving down their wages by bring more uneducated, unskilled workers into the job market. So, yes in a way you are forcing people to give up the dream of eve being able to own a home.


immigrant are unskilled ? have you ever met one.




You are asking American citizens to give up their hard earned money for a deportation force, and heavier weight on our judicial. Who is going to pay for that? Mexico?


It would have been better if it was less passive aggressive. Melania should have made a YouTube vid.


hence why she is an unskilled immigrant


The hard work of lookin’ good.


As First Lady, what exactly DOES she do other than hang out in the white house and leave the continent to get away from her husband. Does anybody remember when/if trump has ever received foreign heads of state in a social setting?