Did you ever think?


Then Republicans should stop saying it’s something other than it really is. But I guess “we’re losing our grip on power” doesn’t quite have the same sense of urgency.

It is not a national emergency that the country is moving away from Republican ideals


So, in other words, you are saying that it would be just fine if 14 people showed up at your house. The house you worked to pay for and demand entry and accommodations forever? You would happily let them have everything in your home that they wanted? “Here, take what you want from my family, you have a RIGHT to everything that is ours”. Interesting.


Then maybe Republicans should start reaching out instead of calling them rapists and ■■■■ holes


No. We are talking about how we should handle 10 million illegal immigrants in our country. No one is suggesting that we force American citizens to give up their homes.


i don’t think anyone realizes how lucky we are that the founders (and those that followed) made it okay to immigrate from the Province of Pomerania in the Kingdom of Prussia. otherwise we wouldn’t have this great grandson…


Here’s an easy question back? What generation American are you? Coming from a 2nd generation American from both sides, did you ever think it would be so ridiculously fast that entitled little yuppies in this country would stop celebrating America as the welcoming melting pot of the world and start to cry about how all of this is ours alone now and disparage others for being what many of our Grandparents were just 100 years ago?

I didn’t, and it’s ■■■■■■■ pathetic and disgusting. This is OUR world and the entitled little yuppies AND baby boomers need to remember that.


on the other had, had we not let people from Germany and Scotland immigrate to the US there would be no Donald Trump.

things that make you go hmmm.


Right back at you. Republicans care about border security and they seek to approach the issue in a nuanced manner as immigration is a complicated topic. But democrats don’t care about listening to any of that because they already made up their minds about what republican think.
What you said and what I said is the whole problem. And the media just keeps fueling the fire.
Democrats say well the republicans are racist and living in fear. And the republicans say well democrats want open borders so they can import more voters. Than we have the media affirming these views and people in DC who we elect doing what ever they have to in DC to stay in power.
Accept that most of those you voted for could care less about you. If staying in power meant throwing you under the bus they would do it in a minute.
So for me I want to see a written out plan one by the democrats and one by the republicans of what they believe should be done about the people in the untied states illegally. I want to see concrete ideas not just wishy washy feel good stuff. And I want to see the cost and how that cost is going to slow down the problem.
And than I want to see both sides come together and come up with a plan that is good for the American people, not what is good for the illegals but what is good for the American people.


when Sean Hannity and/or Rush Limbaugh’s grandparents/great grandparents immigrated from Ireland and/or German they were given a chance for a new home country.

now, i will say that Sean’s relatives probably, depending upon when they immigrated, may have had a much harder time (since we at one time treated the Irish very poorly).


Nobody denies that the Republicans care about border security. You’re creating a strawman by saying Democrats don’t care about listening to Republican ideas on border security. Democrats and Republicans can find areas where they agree regarding border security. Let’s stop fighting and move forward on areas where we agree and compromise on areas where we don’t.

I snipped the partisan talking points, because there’s no reason to allow other people to frame the debate for us.

Me too. I think we should fund the government first and then sit down and discuss how to continue to reduce illegal immigration. What we know is that illegal immigration is down 75% since it’s peak in 2000. We’re already making progress. Thanks Obama.

We should not be using hostages as a way to strengthen our bargaining position. Do you not agree?


Of course there is. Don’t be ridiculous.


Only you say hmmmmmm.

The rest of us say… “they were legal immigrants”. Virtually no one is trying to stop legal immigration.

You are swallowing the lies of leftist media. Enjoy the vomit.


No there isn’t. The answer doesn’t change a thing for them one way or the other. But of course I’m sure you have no problem proving that answering a certain way benefits them more than a different anwer.


Likewise my Greek family.

Likewise the Italians… like the ones who were lynched.

They did not get the freebies. They worked. They did not come illegally.

You have been lied to if you think the majority of us are against legal immigration.


Talk about ■■■■■■■■ countries


I bookmarked this article way back when. I knew it would be a winner…


So then where you calling Republicans Racist?

Or calling illegals rapists, and then saying that you assume that some are good people?


Legal immigrants? Legal immigrants who did not get freebies?

Guess someone gave you a lie and you swallowed it. Now you vomit it back up into a post?
Almost no one is objecting to legal immigrants.



You people can’t win the debate against illegals and fake asylum seekers so you try to change the debate to legal immigrantion.

For God sake… when will the A team of progressive liberals come so that we can have a real debate about real issues?


Have someone read and explain the OP to you Ish, it clearly speaks to both " Foreigner’s Rights and ILLEGAL ALIEN’s Rights"

The OP is objecting to foreigners.

And as much as you couch your ■■■■■■■■ in the idea of illegal immigrants, you and others do as well.

What generation American are you?