Did you ever think?


If the migrants from Mexico all voted the way Cubans did you wouldn’t be hearing about it as much either,

I haven’t heard to many republicans push for a wall on the south Florida border to try and stop boats.

You can paint it about race if you like it’s the fallback position for anything the left disagrees with. But in reality the left are importing voters why would the GOP sit back and be for their own demise?


If they came here without need of welfare you would not hear much either.


She’s ok they don’t shut the electricity off in the capital city.


They come here for jobs that US citizens/corporations provide on a daily basis.


So nothing but a political tantrum because of the way Republicans think they’re going to vote


No amigo, they come here for free stuff.


Except for the fact that when asked the overwhelming answer is “jobs”. Pretty weird how that works


Nope, wrong.


It’s crazy how some people are so certain that they know more about what one wants and believes than the actual person themselves does. It’s happened several times in this short thread alone


It isn’t thinking it is how they vote. If migrants by the millions started boating in from right wing Poland and Hungary, we would be hearing a different tune about migration from the left.


They’re rapists. Murderers. Drug dealers. Round em up. Deport them. ■■■■ holes. What’s that sound like?


No we wouldnt.


No we wouldn’t. I’m on the left and I see absolutely no difference between the 2 scenarios


To be consistent with your post:

The GOP wants a border so their party won’t become extinct because illegal immigrants, who cannot vote, somehow are the reasoning why California has never been red in Reagan in 1984?


Its easier to say that when it’s not happening to your party. Again no one wants the demise of their party.

Each election cycle we hear about the changing the demographics with glee from the left and how soon republicans will be out of power because of it. Or how Texas will be purple, these things are only happening because of the migration.

Hispanics voted 64-35 for Beto. If it wasn’t for the migration the election would have been a blow out. No one wants their party to die or in my case small government to be a thing of the past.


When asked, they lie.


What does that mean?


Again with the narcissism thinking you know more about a person’s beliefs than they do.

There is no motivation for them to lie.


A deflection? Not fun.
Everyone in the DPRK can see in the dark anyway.


How do you know? Got proof that they lie?