Did you ever think?


Ya. Get some tanks going through the street. Start rounding them all up. Be sure to look for secret basements. Shoot anyone that runs.


Post some strawmen. They can help you RESIST.


No one is saying they want to “turn it into the ■■■■ hole they came from”. Only you are saying that.


It was a suggestion on how to enforce it. What’s your suggestion?


Doing is louder than saying.


I’m pretty sure that @ImRightYoureWrong has better idea of what he believes in than you do. And quite telling that you believe otherwise


So, your official stance is that Mexicans coming here will create ■■■■■ holes”. That says a lot.


It was your idea to include the SSA, not his. I guess you didn’t really mean it.


Illegals and fake asylum seekers. Only you are the one who thinks legal and legitimate mexican immigrants are the same.
This explains your confusion in the debate.


If every single illegal immigrant had blue eyes and blond hair, we wouldn’t be having this discussion right now.


Depends on the color of their EBT card and whether they ■■■■ in the fields of lettuce they pick.

Abd besides… my hair and eyes are dark and my skin is olive. I have no great love of blond hair and blue eyes.

Thanks for playing.


Why no one of course. I’m sure you marched yourself right to the police station the last time you jaywalked.


You might not, but there are plenty of trump nationalists that do.


N Korea only has fake sidewalks for the cameras. How the hell does a north Korean even know what j walking is?

PS… American progressive liberals love your support.


That’s just silly. You can’t honestly believe that. That’s as silly as me saying that Republicans are all racists.


You should review the Charlottesville nationalist images and vids. Blonde is not the majority. Go redraw your meme.

Thanks for playing.


The Chairmen has mastered the technology of fake sidewalks, far superior than American sidewalks.
Donald Trump also loves support from the DPRK.


He pities your people… that’s all.


It’s a part of the plan. America has been destroyed by migration. The DPRK will soon send pitiful peasants en masse to grow food and construct buildings in South Korea to destroy it!


How’s that plan workin’ out for ya?