Did you ever think?


You want me to show proof of something that isn’t happening? Thank you for admitting that you’re debating solely on emotion


That’s fine with me, as long as that’s applied to all instances of identity theft and fraud. If someone uses a stolen identity or fraudulent documents to get SSI or welfare benefits, charge the whole agency that accepted those documents!



On paper, yes. But do we have the bandwidth in our courts to follow through?


You’d have to ask the person who floated the idea in the first place. And the person who liked that post.


Oh you guys are just concerned with their living conditions? The quote function must be broken on this website.
The invisible hands of the free market will pick the crops guys


That’s already illegal. And the agency that would have accepted it is the SSA.


Move to Seoul, fastest internet in the world just have to make it past the mendacious edifus


Dems believe in “nuanced” border security alright as in so nuanced that its “non existent”!

And our Federal Immigration laws are not complicated at all they are not not being enforced as they should be. You’ve got local liberal elected officials who openly violate Federal law with impunity! If they were legally held responsible you would see some straight forward immigration enforcement of the law.


Yes, I know. The person to whom I was replying stated the employer that accepted those documents should be charged as well. I stated if that’s the case, it should be applied across the board. If an agency accepts fraudulent documents, then punish that agency.


The SSA should be punished? How so?


Ummm. Weird. An epiphany? All of a sudden you now support my view that progressive liberals here are willing to turn America into the ■■■■ hole these illegals and fake asylum seekers came from?

Well… better late than never. Welcome.


However @bluetex decides to punish employers for accepting fraudulent documents. It’s his idea, not mine.


Could you please cite the federal law that they’re breaking because that simply is not true


I like that. Employers… welfare agencies… state and local election boards …


And you seem to be fine with them breaking the law.


Well, that’s not true


There’s even room left in that small stadium for more. I hadnt realized the number was so low we can entertain and feed them all in one small area of one small college town. Thanks.


Well, thats not true


You seem to be fine with illegals being here illegally.

Who am I fine with breaking the law?


Yeah… it is. Sorry.