Dems FOR Trump declaring national EMERGENCY!


Maybe not surprisingly, I have heard many people suggesting that Trump declaring a national emergency to fund his wall will be a win/win for Dems.

First, it would make Trump look as if he’s abusing his power by doing something most Americans (and congress) are against, even betraying his campaign promise that Mexico will pay for the wall.
While he will please his minority base…and ONLY his base, even some of them will know this stinks to high heaven as abuse of power goes…

And secondly, this opens the door for Dems when in power, to implement policy they’ve wanted for decades under the guise of a “national emergency”.

For starters, the right’s 2nd amendment/ gun fetish will be immediately in jeopardy, as the tens of thousands of deaths per year from guns certainly justifies the immediate banning of firearms. After all, illegal immigrants coming over the southern border don’t kill anywhere near the amount of Americans that guns do.

And then there’s the healthcare emergency. A stroke of the pen will solve that problem, giving every American government subsidized healthcare. The Dem President can even pose with the leather folder holding the document which shows his/her giant signature implementing this emergency measure.

And then there’s the climate issue. Let’s imagine how many things will change for industry and day to day life in responding to THAT national/worldwide emergency?

C’mon Trump. We’re rooting for you!



I’m kind of torn on this. While part of me hopes he will try it just to demonstrate how quickly a court will put the brakes on it, there is always the possibility another president could use it for any of the actions the OP mentions.


Isn’t Congress required to hold a vote confirming or rebuking a national emergency declaration?


First of all, it really is a myth that Democrats want to abolish the 2nd amendment. And any national emergency attempt would fail in court.
Likewise a move outside of congress to provide national healthcare would blow up in their face. The Democrats are not going to slam dunk something that would cost upwards of $100T.
And what would they do specifically to impact climate change? Shut down some industries? Not going to happen. At best they could replace the pollution standards that the Trump administration has ended.
Please don’t broad brush Democrats based on what a few of the ultra left spew.


It’s a national emergency we need 15 SCOTUS justices I can hardly wait.

And mr president, just declare the emergency, you ain’t getting you wall from Nancy.



He ain’t gonna do it. He’s too chicken! I bet AOC would have the guts to do it, though!