Cyberpunk 2077 in 2019?


Acer is my favorite for gaming pcs.


I also like consoles because it’s turn it on and run it. Little sweat, little hassle.

But I’ve been getting the itch to build a new rig, especially since my wife is talking about finally replacing her XPS Tower (about 7 years old).

Thoughts on monitors?

Linus (YouTuber, Linues Tech Tips) indicates forgo 4K at a lower refresh rate for smother gaming at 1440p with a higher refresh rate. Agree | Disagree?

Single ultrawide or dual 27"?



Especially since GPU prices are still a little inflated. It makes a custom build less attractive.


For me its simple - forego 4K for the refresh rate.

But I am sure others more knowledgeable will be able to add something of more substance than my simplistic approach.


Gamepass for the Xbox just keeps getting better and better. I am looking forward to playing Crackdown 3 next month.


I just bought a new monitor. I opted for a 144Hz refresh rate and a 1ms response time, even though it’s only 1080p. It’s only 24in, but it matches my other two monitors, so that makes me happy.


Regarding monitors you want to go with a high refresh rate, a 144hz monitor is what you need, they come in all sizes and price points.


I still gotta get a card that works better with occulus. That sucks :<


I haven’t tried VR.

Considering how I am with 3D movies I’m almost positive I would get head splitting migraines. I can’t watch 3D films.


I’ve never played a game VR but I’ve done VR training simulators. It’s crazy. Made me a bit nauseous. Definitely not gimmicky in terms of being put in a different world. It’s weird having your entire field of vision immersed in a different world.

Those cheap $10 Google cardboard VR are pretty neat too


I doubt VR will be for me. I’m away from gaming for awhile (measured in months) and then go back, I usually suffer from VGIMS (Video Game Induced Motion Sickness) which means slight nausea due to visual queues being different then middle ear queues. (It passes in a week or so as my brain readjusts.)



Ya VR probably make that worse. It’s common to have nausea even if you dont have general motion sickness


What’s funny is that I flew in the Navy for a living and never had motion sickness.

… … … Well, there were those times after a particularly spectacular liberty call. But that was something different. LOL


I like VR and google cardboard but google is just too dumb to make the thing in various sizes >.>


I played AC on the vita but the vita was just such a dreadful handheld that went overboard on touch screen/pads i just traded in the damn thing.


I only played dragon’s dogma and it presented something that i noticed in more open world games of the ps3 era with notable exceptions that apparently developers forgot that was almost second nature during the ps 1 era, power scaling omg! The game would either lure you or severely punish you with incredibly high level monsters at a very early stage if you dont know exactly where you are going. In dragon’s dogma the zomg lvl 60 chimera surprise aggro was incredibly hard to shake off.


Assassin’s Creed Origins, which I finished earlier this week, has similar power scaling. Different parts of the world had different levels of creatures and if you tried to fight anyone more than 2 levels above you then you were about to get your butt kicked. Even if it was just an otherwise lowly seeming hyena. By the end of the game after I’d long maxed out my character nothing was a challenge but early on you had to be very careful.

The Fallout games do it as well.


FarCry doesn’t even scale at all.

I was basically a God by my second hour into FarCry 5.

I love them but they are way too easy.


That kind of makes sense, i guess my main problem was the sheer difficulty of losing the aggro where those incredibly high lvl enemies followed you to the ends of the earth and the game seemed to punish the player for exploring.


One of my favorite memories of Fallout 3 is exploring way to far too early. I was only about level 5 and had only some wimpy guns and some mines. I ran into a deathclaw and dropped the few mines I had as it chased me. I managed to hobble but I couldn’t kill it. It limped after me half way across the map back to Megaton City.