Cyberpunk 2077 in 2019?


I agree, I’d like it in 2019, but willingly will wait until 2020 to ensure a quality product with could Alpha/Beta problems getting fixed before released.



We saw with Fallout 76 how a great company like Bethesda can fall from grace due to its focus on pushing out products before they are ready.

The hubris of AAA publishers definitely reached critical mass in 2018.


Well to be honest, Bethesda is known to release buggy games. The Fallout series is famous for it. But the game and stories involved have created an enjoyable player experience. In the past PC gamers had an easier time because eventually access to console commands let people reset some of the most serious bugs. I understand this was not available for consoles for a long time (at least for the XBox through I’ve not installed it even though I’m dealing with the Danse Fire Support bug).

IMHO, Fallout 76 is/was a dud because of removing the story aspect and interaction with NPC. It was not a success as a shooter based simply on exploration and even the PvP was nuked (pun intended).



I’m about 70 hrs into now and still a ways out from the finish. I’ve maxed out my level and still have 3 regions I haven’t been too (the two bottom deserts). I think I’m probably nearing the end of the main storyline. Bawek got betrayed by Cleopatra and Ceaser after they allowed their son’s killer to live. So now I’m at whatever happens next. Been running around the last 10-15 hrs though doing side quests and such.

It is feeling repetitive but I’m having fun.

Its my first AC game and its making me sorta interested in going back and trying others. Or maybe just going to Oddyssey next.


It is very different from the AC games before which werent focused on open world questing. Maybe I’ll give origins another shot. You might want to pick up black flag for cheap. Odyssey looks almost identical to origins imo


I finally completed AC Origins in December. I have not yet 100% the side missions but I had nearly 100 hours into the game and thought it was time to finish the main story-line. It does get a bit repetitive but the game world is beautiful just to explore.

I did level max Bayek and completed all the papyrus quests and was rewarded with some pretty nifty looking armor.

Over Christmas I rented Odyssey from Redbox and while Origins was RPG lite, Odyssey is full on RPG with only a slight connection to the AC mythos but I loved it. The controls were fluid and intuitive and I have never seen a more gorgeous game world than Odyssey. I rented it for 2 nights and was able to put about 12 hours into it. From what I understand there is a connection to the First Civilization but as this takes place about 400 years before Origins there is no Assassins or Templar’s in existence.

Anything to do with Ancient Greece gets my vote and as soon as I see a decent sale for Odyssey I will be picking up a copy.


How was it more RPG? That’s what I didnt like about origins: seemed to lack RPG


I’ve seen a remastered collection for the PS4 called the Ezio collection for under $20 at Walmart. It contains 3 AC games where I guess some dude named Ezio was the main character in them. How do they compare to Origins?


Completely different games. Hard to describe… a bit more focused and linear. Black flag is when it started opening up a bit more.


AC 2 is without doubt the best AC game. Great story before Ubisoft started to get too convoluted with the whole Assassins lore.

Ezio collection is well worth $20. However, some of the game mechanics feel a bit dated.


Origins was definitely a move towards a RPG because for the first time it was a true open world but world areas had different levels of enemies so before you can successfully quest these areas you and your equipment have to be a certain level. In addition for the first time you had to consider your weapons loadout, how your melee weapon interacts with your shield and what type of gamestyle you want to adopt.

Odyssey builds on this with the introduction of the mercenary system which reminds me of the nemesis system in Shadow of Mordor and like the Witcher 3 your decisions will dictate the flow of the game. Its definitely not a RPG in the same sense as Witcher 3 but it definitely has morphed into a RPG when compared to earlier AC games.


I used to think that linear was bad but now I realize that open world games can be just as bad if not worse if its a world that is boring, under populated and generally repetitive.


Absolutely. Sometimes a good story is lost in the openness


Or sometimes you gleefully get lost in the openess while ignoring the story. Aka the Skyrim experience for most everyone where the main story was kind of lame but the rest of the game was great.


I just cant play single player games anymore!

I wish I could but just end up getting bored, I crave the competition… I am currently neck deep into Smash Bros right now…

Cloud main!


I’m the opposite, especially about Smash Brothers which my son plays all the time, as I’d just as soon repeatedly smash my head into a brick wall. I hate multiplayer, I especially hate great game series that start as amazing single player experiences and then get pushed into some sort of blah MMO type game that ruins the magic: I’m looking at you Knights of the Old Republic and Fallout.


I hear ya, there is something to be said for a great single player game. I still fondly remember ICO and Shadow of the Colossus as an experience I will never forget, same with the Bioshock series.

But yeah man im full squad, headset, everyone on discord type of multiplayer gamer. :sweat_smile:


Finished Assassins Creed Origins today. Great overall game that I probably put 80-90 hrs into. I’ll definitely be trying out some other AC games in the future.

Next up though is a replay of Spiderman for the PS4 on game plus mode with all the DLC that I didn’t have before.


I’ve been playing Fallout New California and it’s been decent so far, though kinda buggy.


HZD achieved something that many open world games struggle with. The 30 second event.

It’s a game theory from a Bungie developer that he postulated back around the time Halo: Combat Evolved was released. He was asked why he thought it was so successful. He said the key to making great gameplay was capturing the player’s attention and imagination in 30 second blocks. Every 30 seconds the player needs to feel like he or she has either accomplished something or is emotionally satisfied with the event. You have to repeat this over and over throughout the entire game without it becoming stale.

HZD did this very successfully. IMO, I think it was the weapons balance that made it so great. I used literally every single weapon in the game in almost every engagement. It made you think tactically about every situation. It was that 30 second event over and over again but with twists.