Cyberpunk 2077 in 2019?


Most modern games can be played on PC with a xbox one controller.


If it doesn’t come up a studio that created Fallout and made Fallout New Vegas next game is coming out in 2019.


Not open world or rpg AFAIK


Don’t know.

I should like Witcher 3. Like I said I loved Horizon Zero Dawn. I can’t even express how much that game blew me away. I also loved Dragon Age Inquistion, all the Mass Effect Games, Far Cry 4 and 5 (only Far Cry’s I’ve played), Fallout 3 and 4 (I’ve actually done Fallout 4 beginning to end 3 times now), Skyrim, Oblivion, and other games that are of a similar vein.

I’ve heard the game is even more enjoyable if you’ve read the novels. I picked up the first Witcher novel on an audible sale a while back and will probably listen to it in the next few months. Maybe after it I’ll give the game a try again.


When did you stop playing it? The first 10 hours are really boring. A lot of dialogue. It’s a game that gets going at about 15-20 hours


I really enjoyed Skyrim, Horizon Zero Dawn, and Dragonage: Inquisition. Haven’t played much of anything in the past year.


Really? That was always one of my pet peeves with PC gaming as I hated trying to play shooters or action games on a keyboard.

I don’t have an XBox One though, I went PS4 this generation after going 360 last generation. The whole launch debacle of always having to be connected to the internet and snide comments by some X-box execs turned me off of X-Box.

Next gen may well depend on the games for my decision. Horizon Zero Dawn is a Playstation exclusive and its rumored the sequel will be a PS5 launch title. That alone would push me PS5.


Well before that. Did the tutorial. Made it past the town where you learn the card game. Did a quest or two after that.

To be fair I might have given it more of a shot last time but Spiderman had just come out for the PS4. I’m a comic book junkie and that game looked awesome and was getting great reviews. I usually wait for games to come down in price but I couldn’t resist and went out and bought it and that game then took over. I hadn’t really gained any memory muscle of the controls for Witcher yet and figured I’d have to do the tutorial yet again to get back into it. Then Black Friday happened and both Shadow of War, Horizon Zero Dawn, and Assassins Creed Origins were on sale. I’d been itching for all of them. Finished the first two and am early in Origins now.


I found origins really boring after a bit but hope u like it. It’s a massive world…beautiful graphics


My problem was I didn’t even learn to play Gwent until about 1/3 of the way through the game.




Playstation is the king of exclusives if your going console they are the best bet.


Sometimes. I chose the 360 over the PS3 because Mass Effect was a 360 exclusive at the time.

Mass Effect was cross platform by the time the PS4 rolled around. Speaking of which Mass Effect: Andromeda gets a lot of undeserved hate. Yes it has some flaws for sure but it also does a lot of things very well, especially the combat which is no longer a constant hiding behind cover and taking potshots like the first three games were. Now its very fluid and forces you to actively move and fight. The world designs were also very good. Problem was too many stupid fed ex (go get this and bring it back for me) quests and a underwhelming supporting cast to your main character.


I agree I played a lot of ME andromeda and really enjoyed it… but I played it pretty late…dont know if they fixed stuff


I tried playing the first Mass Effect, but I couldn’t get into it.

I liked every Dragon Age game i’ve played though.


No question Sony has Microsoft beat this gen for exclusives; however MS is being far more innovative. Take a look at Gamepass for $9.99 a month you have a huge selection of games to play across all genres including a number of older AAA games. They have also rolled out mouse and keyboard support for the Xbox and Phil Spencer is for cross platform play.

I cannot remember the last time I paid for Gamepass as I participate in the Microsoft Rewards program. Just a few minutes a day nets me about 10,000 points a month and as a result I have 2 years gold stacked and Gamepass subsciption until the end of 2019. On top of this I have purchased numerous Xbox gift cards to fund my gaming habit. I highly recommend the Rewards program if you have an Xbox but you do need to be obsessive about farming points each day; however, like I said its only a few minutes per day.


Nope they fixed nothing. Andromeda was plagued by so many problems that the final product was far removed from what they promised. This was one of the only games I ever pre-ordered and was so dissapointed.


Depending on how you build your rig, PC gaming will destroy in comparison to console graphics, game dynamics, and hardware longevity.


I’m the opposite of many DA fans as I think the series started poorly and got great by the end. I gave up on Origins about 1/3 of the way in as it was tedious and I hated the control scheme (I was playing on PC).

So I skipped DA II altogether.

Then Inquisition came along and I read some stuff about how the game had been overhauled and was closer to Fallout / Mass Effect and other similar games in terms of controls and gameplay. I loved those games so I went back and played. And then immediately played again.

After that I went back and forced myself through Origins. Put the game on easy and just rushed through it for the story. Story was good but the gameplay still sucked.

Then went for II which I’d never played and surprisingly enjoyed it. I’d heard so many bad things about it but its a much improved experience from Origins. I get the criticism of how it reuses too many areas over and over but the story fighting were great.


But the majority of people dont want to build a rig. I get that for many PC gamers building their own customized gaming PC is part of the hobby but for me I like the fact I can sit on ym backside turn on my Xbox and play games.

And you know as well as anyone that the average joe would be hard pressed to build a gaming PC to the specs of the X Box One X at the same retail price of the X.

I took advantage of a great GameStop deal some time ago and got about $150 trade in for my original one and upgraded to the X and not regretted a moment of it.

But yes PC gaming has a lot of advantages of consoles I just like the convenience of consoles.


Cyberpunk 2077 is one of my most anticipated games. I am happy for it to be released in 2020 if that means we get the game we all are hoping for.