Cyberpunk 2077 in 2019?



Old Fart Gamer…

So my Christmas gift plan had been Fallout 76 and a gaming headset to go with my XBox and to dip my toe for the first time into online gaming. I prefer story based RPG games like Witcher and Fallout and my plan was to wrap-up Fallout 4 and role into Fallout 76. Didn’t happen, with the lack of NPC interaction and the busted launch of Fallout 76 I canceled those from my Christmas list.

So as I wind up FO4, Skyrim on next in the queue.

I’m excited with the prospects of Cyberpunk 2077 and hope it gets released in 2019.
My wife and I have been exploring replacing our old Dell XPS Tower (about 7 years old). I plan on having decent specs on the new rig and maybe do 2077 on a PC instead of console if I can reprogram myself from controller to Keyboard/Mouse control.



Yes. Build a new machine. Prices on video cards have come down quite a bit recently.

Honestly, I think Skyrim would be better on the PC as well, because of the ability to mod the game… however even without modding you still have a bunch of hours that you can sink into that game.

I bought Monster Hunter World, but I was having issues with the controls. Might be do to my insistence of running linux instead of windows. I have other games I could play though… as I do tend to gravitate toward solo gameplay as well.


I found fo76 quite boring especially with a the rehashed fo4 assets


While not quite RPG…horizon zero dawn is an incredible game. If you liked witcher 3 you will really like horizon zero dawn

You also might like elder scrolls online if you’re into grinding through dungeons, crafting and building a character.


Pfft. Another PS4 exclusive.

If I had one of those, I’d have Spider-Man and God of War in my game queue.


Oh ya I forgot its exclusive mah badz


Get a gaming PC it is worth it, what you will also need is a 144hz monitor it will make a huge difference.



I can’t just hook it up to my 32" CRT TV?




If you dont plan on getting whatever the next gen Xbox will be, a PC would be worth it. With GoG and Steam sales, you could quickly build up a library as well. Plus emulation will let you play a lot of old console games as well.


I’ve got an XBox One (a year or so old, not first gen XB1) but not the newest gen XB1. I think I’ve only got a 500G hard-drive.

Right now I think I’ll begin transitioning to PC Gaming with the next desktop, biggest problem will be getting game-time sharing the computer with my wife. WIth me on the consold that isn’t a problem.



Part of me wants to go PC but I’m so lazy. I like the simpleness of console.


The loving wife bought me a ‘gaming’ laptop - not super powered (sub $1000 canadian) but it plays everything I’ve thrown at it so far. I never really got into console gaming as using my laptop I can play, and the rest of the family can still use the tv so they don’t distract me :wink:


You could but its actually not better, unless your CRT TV can pull at least 120hz


10 years ago I felt the same way…took the PC dive and never looked back


Tablet while you game? Unless you like to play for more than a couple hours at a time, in which case a laptop would help.


I just finished Horizon Zero Dawn last week. Absolutely incredible game. Easily the best game I’ve played in a long while.

Whats funny to me is that just like you did I keep seeing it linked with Witcher 3 as a game where if you loved one your supposed to love the other. I just cannot get into Witcher 3. I bought it well over a year ago and have tried multiple times to play it. I’ll make it a few hours in each time and quit because its just not grabbing my interest.

Right now I’m doing Assassin’s Creed Origins (my first AC game) and am liking it. Not nearly as good as HZD (but that would be a tall order for any game given how much I loved it) but still okay.


If your into RPG with a good story check out Pillar of Entirety 1&2.


Some of the modding would be cool but PC gaming has largely always been an exercise in ultimate frustration for me. I pretty much do console exclusively now without regrets.

Last time I really tried PC Gaming I regretted it so much by the time I was done. Dragon Age Origins had just come out and it was supposed to be SO AWESOME on PC and much better than on the XBox 360 which I also had. So I bought it on PC. My computer easily met the specs for the game but upon installing and trying to play I found that despite my graphics card being sufficient power / speed / memory wise It was one of a small type that couldn’t run the game so I had to upgrade my otherwise perfectly adequate video card for the game. But it was Christmas so I had to wait a day before I could go buy one and then wade through massive crowds at Best Buy after Christmas sales. Then the headache of installing the new card and such. Overall it cost me several hundred dollars and a lot of headache and time to play the game. Whereas if I’d just gone X-Box 360 I could have been playing in minutes.

There is so much comfort and solace in knowing your game will play without question on your console. Sure I see some of the Skyrim or GTA V mods and think that would be cool but they aren’t cool enough to deal with the headache of being in a never ending upgrade process with your PC.


PS4 has all the good exclusives this generation.


Hmm. I think the comparison I’d make is the mechanics and mood. What do you think?