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Yeah I remember lots of parents saying we are going to have a “fetus”. Or honey the “fetus” is crying again. A shame the length some will go to dehumanize a baby.


Let’s see. And in the mother’s womb. Yes.

Yes by definition a fetus is pre-birth.



I have seen many times families deciding do not resuscitate for their loved ones. The unfortunate part of families deciding is ,more often than not, they are reversing their mother or fathers living will.


Sit on the phones for a service like CareNet (an organization that offers alternatives to abortion. there are bunches of such organizations out there.) Just about every rep has handled calls from women who think the service provides abortions that even Planned Parenthood won’t do. “I’m in my 37th week. I broke up with my boyfriend. I don’t want this baby any more. Can you help me get a late-term abortion?”

I’m not saying that it’s the most frequent reason for late-term, but Ofirah Yheskel spoke in absolute terms, and it’s just not true.

And now you can shop around in New York, and somewhere I’m sure you can find the next Kermit Gosnell who will sign anything for the right price.


No they don’t.


Liberals all over this board deride slippery-slope arguments, such as where legislation like NY passed might lead to. And then libs (you’re not the only one) introduce their own slippery slope suppositions like this.

Nobody has suggested that any miscarriage should be investigated.


Stop implying the New York law change allows any woman to have an abortion up until the last day for any reason.

You and everyone in the CEC knows this isn’t true, but keeps saying it in a way that implies such.


Just like rape and robbery and assault and murder.

That’s not a reason to avoid legislating against it. I’m glad we didn’t do that as a society when it came to slavery, even though it still happens today.


Because they aren’t cheering for what you think they’re cheering for, Meri.


And if that person performed a late term abortion when the mother’s health/life wasn’t in jeopardy or the fetus was viable, they’d be charged with homocide. Just like the bill explicitly states.


Stop Roe V Wade now! This is a path way to bump off old people!


I identified it as extreme. You should have been able to discern that I was giving it as a wildly extreme example.

For the record, I consider gender-selection abortions just as cavalier. Ditto, “I just broke up with my boyfriend…” Find a doctor in NY that is willing to sign off that these threaten your health, and you can kill the child with the blessings of the State of New York.

Perhaps. Yet she said it, which indicates the mentality at play here.


Citing extremes does not help the argument that it all should be stopped.

Just because Person A is a sociopath has no bearing on reducing the suffering of Person B.

Restricting access to a rarely used medical procedure because one instance may be an abuse of the system is not a great argument to make.


Read for content. You’re spinning what I said into something totally different.

I’m not going to play along.


I addressed that in my post. You misread.


Yes Murder!


That’s some silly extreme absolutism.

The slippery slope argument is silly. Everything is on a slippery slope. We aren’t getting rid of it anytime.


No Spin at all.

Knowingly presenting extreme cases and rare cases has no bearing on those who uses the medical procedure to reduce their suffering.

If one can point to rampant abuse of using the well being clause for things like stretch marks( another thing brought up by you) then I am sure that there is adequate data to back up having an opinion because of the reality of it, not simply the rhetorical reason for it.

As stated before… the vast vast vast majority of late term abortions are performed on women who would rather have carried the baby to term.

That is a fact that cannot be gotten around.

It is a medical procedure and pointing towards a random sociopath who may or may not exist outside of internet stories does not make a good argument.


Easy. Yes.

What’s the point?


I have seen a 24 week fetus which they are now saying it is ok to abort they are literally in the area now that the baby could live out of the womb, disgusting.